August 25, 2008

First Day of School!

The day finally arrived, and we all headed off to school bright and early this morning. Addyson was so nervous last night she just couldn't fall asleep. She complained of her tummy hurting and did not want to go to sleep. Thankfully this morning went very well and she was all ready to go! The boys are very excited about 4th grade and had a GREAT day. The boys school is starting their construction project soon so we also had the "Ground Breaking" ceremony today. Kamron is one of the 6 students from each grade level that was chosen to be on the "Muleville Board of Directors". Because of this, he was able to participate in the groundbreaking ceremony. It was a really neat day that turned out great!

Here are a few hundred pictures. LOL
First day of school today. Do you see the new school in the background?!
First day of school 4 years ago. This is what my babies looked like going to kindergarten. How they have grown up!!
I was good. I just dropped her off and let dad do the rest. He took GREAT pictures today! Here is Addyson walking into the school towards Mrs. Kim. (aka Kamron's sidekick) We love Todd's secretaries! They are awesome!
Addyson realizing that dad was in her room! Riley and Grace playing also. Todd did inform me that Addyson would be getting in trouble in the cafeteria. She LOVES to talk! And I think they seat them in alpha order for the first week or so and she is right next to Riley K, Grace L, and Addyson N!!!!
Here they are touring the building. (I am so glad Todd had the camera today!)

Addyson and her teacher, Mrs. King!
Todd's new offices. In the back is Anna, Todd's other right hand. She shares it with Kim!
GROUND BREAKING!! Check out the guy in the back with the sun glasses!!
Kamron with his homeroom teacher, Mrs. B pouring the black and white sand into the jar. It is REALLY impressive!!

It was funny this morning when the boys informed me that Addyson's shirt didn't meet dress code! It is a halter and you can see a little of her back. So glad they are looking out for her! LOL Her daddy said it was Ok though for the little ones at his school. It is totally different when the kids get older!!

August 24, 2008

Meet the teacher and Posting the Colors!

This last week Todd and I had to go back to school. Classes official start tomorrow! We are all ready, I think. Thursday was Meet the Teacher and Addyson got to take her school supplies and find her desk. She is so excited! Tuesday night was Meet the Mules. Addyson got to perform her cheer in front of the packed stadium! She is a ham, no other way to describe it. LOL

Jessie, Grace, Addyson and Bethany practicing:

Waiting patiently for their turn!

ALL the kids that performed that night. Can you see Addyson??? LOL

Her desk for the moment. She is sitting by Grace and Jessie, we will see how long that lasts. LOL
On Tuesday morning the ENTIRE district met at the Dillman cafeteria for the annual 'Back to School' assembly from the Superintendent and the principals. Both boys and Terran, a fellow scout (his mom is Addyson's teacher) were asked to perform the "Posting of Colors" before we began. They did a SUPER job and were praised by many people. Here are a few pictures. (I didn't feel so bad taking pictures because Terran's mom was taking pictures also!)

Don't they look sharp!

They were waiting for dad to announce that the boys would be posting the colors. A few nerves...

Stay tuned. First day of school pictures tomorrow.....

August 17, 2008

Mini Mule Cheerleading Camp

Saturday was the "Mini Mule" Cheerleading camp. Addyson had a blast and will get to perform her cheer on Tuesday at the annual "Meet the Mules" with the rest of her group. They were so funny. Here are a few pictures and a short video of her learning the cheer!
Group picture!
Addyson learning her cheer!
Addyson, Grace and Kallie. They are "The 3 Muskateers"!
Friday, Kallie and Grace played at the house all day and they had a blast! These are the only pictures I got, and this was right before I took them home. They played on the playground, played dress up, played at Mc Donalds, etc... Addyson was so glad to finally have friends over. It is always the boys that have friends over!

Eating a snack in the Tree house.

Here is the video of Addyson performing her cheer!

August 11, 2008

One last trip before school!

We are officially finished traveling for the summer! On Friday we packed up and headed to Abliene with Todd's mom and dad. Dan's twin brother (and his whole family) and Mamaw live in Abliene. Todd's younger brother from Dallas and his wife and little boy met us as well. It was nice to all be together. The kids had a blast swimming in the hotel pool and we had lots of great food! We took a few pictures and I wanted to share a few! Nicholas (cousin) came back to Lubbock to stay with Dan and Kay for the week and they visited Muleshoe today to play in the treehouse and the playground at school. They had a really great time and Nick sure didn't want to go home! Star Wars Clone Wars comes out in theaters this Friday and hopefully it will be at the drive in. If it is, we plan on suprising the kids and taking them. I am not sure Nicholas has been to a drive in before!

This is the pool at the hotel. Kamron jumping off Todd's shoulders. Addyson was swimming across the whole pool with out her float! She has come so far this year with swimming!

I love this picture! Look at Tyler's face... Dan was snoring and Tyler was mesmerized. Sorry Grandear!
Try keeping 4 little kids still in a TINY apartment with MANY breakable items. Gotta LOVE Nintendo gameboys!
Addyson and Kamron got to ride in Cory and Tina's convertable. They were SOO excited. Addyson said it was "AWESOME" Tyler and Nicholas were with us.
Kamron and Nicholas being silly in the lounge of the hotel.
This picture has a story. We were sitting at the hotel's happy hour and just as Kay was going to take the picture, a drink, a LARGE drink was spilled into Todd's lap amd she caught it on camera! GO NANA!!
After cleanup, we got the picture!
Addyson LOVES Tina. Tina and Cory live very close to the American Girl Bistro store. Addyson and her would have a blast playing with all "their" dolls. I told Addyson I was going to put her on a plane for the weekend to stay with aunt Tina. She said, " Mommy I don't want to just spend the night with Tina, I want to live with Tina!!" Every chance she had, she was in her lap. She loves you Tina, can't wait for you to come to Muleshoe to visit!!
There was a wedding reception right in front of our room on Saturday night. Where the kids are posing for this picture, they could of watched the entire reception. The hotel was BUSY! 4 family reunion and one wedding! Addyson loving on Mamaw!

Now it is full swing ready for school. I am ready for routine and the only way to achieve that is to start school, so I guess I am getting ready!!

August 4, 2008

A Sad Day today

Todd had to go back to work today! It has been so nice having him home all of July. It also means that school is just around the corner and I am not quite ready for that yet either. 2 of our 3 kids are ready and one isn't (any guesses!! LOL) We only took 2 small trips this summer so we could get some work done around the house. We accomplished what we wanted!!!
NEW Windows!!! You can see out of them! And they open...YEA!!

Todd put our new storm door in yesterday. It matches our windows now, and is more energy efficient!! (It took him 5 hours! He was glad to be done!)
This is what it looks like with the retractable screen/ hidden screen for air flow. It is tan to match our windows though!!

Can't forget the tree house!! My mom and dad bought the kids a horse tire swing at Ruidoso to hang under it! They are so excited and can not wait for dad to attach it!!
This is EXACTLY what ours looks like!!! We hope to find the hook here in Muleshoe to attach it, so they will not have to wait too long!

Have a good day at work dad, we miss you being at home with us!!