December 31, 2008

First Casualty of Christmas was...

The boys received new Light Sabers that were a HUGE hit from my sister. They shoot out with the touch of a button. Addyson was standing a little too close to big brother Tyler when the button was pushed and it hit her dirrectly in the eye! After many tears and lots of "I am SORRY's" we are all fine and a big leson was learned. Here is the eye a few days later:

While Tamora and her crew were in Lubbock they made the 1 hour trip to Muleshoe and enjoyed a great lunch at Leals. It was one of our uncharacteristly warm days for December and they kids had a blast playing outside on the Tree house. The adults had fun rocking to Guitar Hero. We are so glad they came. The kids have got to spend lots of time with the cousins lately! We wish they all lived a little closer!

We went and saw "Bedtime Stories" yesterday. It was really great! If you haven't seen it yet, check it out. Your entire family will love it!

Happy New Year and stay safe. We are staying in this year and grilling hamburgers. The kids are excited about staying up till midnight, not sure they will make it, but they love the idea of it!

December 26, 2008

Christmas at the Newberry's

Here is a look of Christmas at our house. I hope you enjoy!

December 21, 2008

Wedding at Christmas time

Last night Addyson was a flower girl in a good friend of ours wedding. She babysat all the kids for a few years evey summer. The kids just loved Brandi as their babysitter! They played non stop all day! The wedding was beautiful and the bride was even more beautiful! It was a super evening. Here are a few pictures:

Addyson and Brandi at the reception
Addyson watched Brandi the whole wedding. She was mesmerized the entire time.

The three little girls walking down the isle.

Addyson practicing with tossing the flowers.

Posing for a picture!

Addyson really hit it off with the other little girl. They became instant friends.
It took alot to get this picture! This is one little girl on the GO!!

Giggleing little girls, Relaxing now because it is over!

One more thing, while waiting to take pictures I told Addyson to smile pretty and she looked at me and said, "I am a little nervous!" It was pretty cute!

December 19, 2008

Christmas Plays and Parties

On Wednesday night we had the annual Christmas play at church. Our Minister of Music writes the play every year and he does a FANTASTIC job!! This one was no exception. Every year I think they are the best he has done, then when the next year comes around, it is the best AGAIN! This year it was a news cast. Kamron was a Helicopter reporter, Tyler was a camera man and Addyson was a Christmas tree. They even filmed commercials weeks before the play and played them on the big screen inbetween new cast's. Check out Kamron's Helicopter!!!

Here is Kamron, Addyson and Tyler waiting for the play to begin.

Addyson as a tree...see all the tinsel on her! LOL
Mr. Camera Man Tyler!
Do you see Kamron's Helicopter? Todd made it and it turned out fantastic!
Today was the last day of school for 2 WEEKS!! YEA! The kids all had parties. I was informed by the boys that they didn't need me to come. They are getting to big! I did however get to go to Addyson's party. Here are a few pictures:

Passing the present game, which one will she get???

She got the green one, a Princess bingo, tic/tac toe game and checkers. She loves it

I almost forgot! Lolly (the baby doll) has been at the doll hospital for a month. She came home on Thursday night and Addyson has not put her down! I even had to take her to school with me on Friday because Addyson thought she would be scarred. (She wanted to make sure that I told all the teachers that she wasn't real though.. LOL) She has had her since she was 1 and some fabric that I used to make an outfit for her turned her black/green. It was pretty bad. So Memaw sent her to be cleaned up! (It was so bad that they just had to replace her altogether) American Girl Bitty Babies are the BEST!!

Addyson singing at her party today.

December 15, 2008

Making History!

Well they did it!!! The Muleshoe Mules made history this weekend when they won the Class 2A Division 1 STATE CHAMPIONSHIP! IT has been a week that Mule fans will not soon forget!

The festivities all began on Thursday at the Community Wide Pep Rally. It was Standing room only and the fans were EXCITED! Former principal, David Jenkins spoke, and fromer MULE Lincoln Riley (who is now a Tech coach) were 2 of the guest speakers. Also in attendance was SANTA! The Mule sat on his lap and asked for a STATE championship win. Santa delivered!!

Addyson hanging out with the MULE waiting for the pep rally to begin. (We got there 1 hour early to ensure a good seat. We had a GREAT Seat. I may have gone a tad to early!)
The TEAM during the Pep rally.

Head Coach David Wood giving a very emotional speech to the fans, town and the team!

Friday Morning was the Community wide send off. The football boys, coaches, cheerleaders, and families of the coaches left for Dallas about 9:00 AM. They took a detour in their charter buses and drove by all 3 schools. The kids made signs and yelled for the MULES. We were able to dismiss school at 1:30 to allow everyone to travel to Dallas on Friday if needed.

Kamron and Tyler are in the line of you see them??

There were TONS of signs and all the 3rd graders wore Mule ears! They were adorable.

We left as soon as school was out and headed to the Metroplex. As we were leaving Muleshoe there was a sign that read, "Last one out, TURN out the lights!!" I really wish I would have got a picture of it. It was priceless. I think the entire town was at the game.

We got to the 6:00 game at 3:30. Once again, I wanted good seats! LOL We had 5o yard line seats baby!!

Here is Tyler, Ashtyn, Kamron, Tamora and Addyson patiently waiting for the game to begin. I have to tell a story on Ashtyn, Tamora's 11 year old daughter. They live in Mansfield, large 5A school with a new stadium! She told me that they don't have high school football there, because they have not gone. I told her that they did indeed have football, it is just a tad different in a small town! The coin toss! (We won by the way)

Cheerleaders before the game.

Kirbyville was the wildcats. Our Mule and their Cat did the most adorable skit on each side before the game began. Of coarse on our side we knockeded down the CAT!!

They Cat and Mule "fighting"

Todd and Nathan
Tamora and Kierstyn
Tyler, Ashtyn and Kamron
Addyson slept the entire second half. The first half she asked the entire time when we were going to get the "Bigger Trophy" and she MISSED it!!
Kierstyn and Addyson, do they look mischievious! LOL

Kamron, does he look cold?? Tyler hiding from the camera

Kierstyn finally went to sleep!

Addyson sleeping

A very scarry picture of me!!

Muleshoe win aganist Kirbyville, this is the news article from the AJ. What a GREAT weekend it was. How 'bout them MULES!!!!!

December 10, 2008

A Christmas Funny and WTG TODD!!!!

On Monday night we traveled to Levelland where Todd was awarded the "District Award of Merit" in Scouting. It is a VERY prestigous award, one that he truely deserves. We were all so proud of him!

On the way home Kamron was listening to his MP3 players singing, El Shaddai by Amy Grant. If you haven't heard it, it is a beautiful Christian song. If you have heard it, you are all singing it in your head right about now, right?? LOL Anyway Kamron was singing it and Addyson was so serious and asked, "Mommy, why is Kamron singing Elf's Should DIE!" We laughed so hard and had to call both sets of grandparents so we could share. In a little 5 yr olds mind who is always thinking about Christmas, she was wondering why there was a song about Elf's Should Die. We will be leaving Friday for the State Championship, hopefull my next post will be headlines of the new STATE CHAMPIONS!! Don't forget to tune to to listen to the game at 6:00 on Saturday!

December 7, 2008


Well the Muleshoe Mules are going to STATE!! Real men play Football in December, right! We beat Pilot Point 35-10 in Abliene yesterday. What a fun weekend we had. We drove to Abliene Saturday and visited Todd's grandmother and really suprised her. We ate lunch and headed to the game. The stands were filled! I think the whole town of Muleshoe was in Abliene supporting the MULES. We were very blessed with the beautiful weather we had, 60 degrees the whole game! It was really neat to watch instant replay on the big screen after each play too!! We play in Grand Prairie on Saturday at 6:00 for the STATE CHAMPIONSHIP! I am so glad that Tamora lives minutes from Grand Prairie so we will spend the weekend with her. The kids are super excited to see their cousins again so quick. We were just there over Thanksgiving, so seeing them again before Christmas is awesome. You can listen to the game at Click the "listen live" button on the right.

(This is an excerpt from an email sent out this morning)

What did that guy mean when he said, "The Mules aren't a physical team?" I think by the fourth quarter those Bearcats didn't want any more of the Mules! The Mules let them hang around in the first half so it would be worth their trip to Abilene, and then the Mules kicked them all the way back to north Texas. Now it's on to the STATE CHAMPIONSHIP! I like the sound of that.

It's been a history-making and record-breaking year. Here are a few examples:
No football team in Muleshoe history has ever won 15 games in a row in one year.
No football team in Muleshoe history has ever played in the STATE CHAMPIONSHIP game.
No football team in Muleshoe history has ever won the STATE CHAMPIONSHIP game

GO MULES!!! Can I get a HOO RAH!
Lots of Prayers for the Mules next weekend!! We are all behind you!!!

November 23, 2008

A bit of this and that

I have lots of pictures to share before the Thanksgiving holiday so this post will be a little of it all.
The boys had their Thanksgiving lunch Friday but we kind of skipped out on it. I had volunteered to help serve and the boys really didn't want the school's Turkey and dressing (even though it was really good!), so I took them to Mc. Donalds and then home for the afternoon. They enjoyed hanging out and playing Wii all afternoon!

Thursday was Addyson's Thanksgiving lunch at school. The kids all dressed up like Pilgrims and Indians and they looked adorable!!

Riley, Addyson and Tobin..aren't they cute!!

Mrs. K, Addyson's teacher, Addyson, Jessie and Grace

The back of the little girls dresses. They have babies in them! How cute is that! The boys had them too.

Next we had the Mules football game where we slaughtered Littlefield! It was so much fun and we FROZE. It was 32 degrees when we left and I would of had pictures of the boys looking like eskimos, but I forgot my camera. Addyson stayed warm with Nana!

Saturday morning my mom, Addyson and I went to Holiday Happening's "Breakfast with Santa". We had a blast and Addyson LOVED IT!!

Addyson with Mrs Clause
Addyson and mommy.

Mrs Claus read all the kids a book. They loved it! See Addyson, front and center!

The kids got to write letters to Santa while they ate their Mc. Donald's breakfast. See what Addyson wants... a purlpe piano and guitar! The "elves" came around to all the kids and picked up their papers to hand deliver to Santa himself!

Addyson posing while we waited to walk up the stairs to the special room. We were 1st in line!!

Next was Riley's birthday party today. Kamron and Tyler were hired by Deborah to help the little kids by signing them up for "boot" camp, painting their faces, and demostrating the obsticle coarse. They had as much fun as the 5 and 6 year olds did. Here are party pictures!

Obsticle coarse time!! They had to crawl through boxes, walk across wood, ride a tricycle around chairs and then back again.
Look at all that CAMO!

Jessie and Addyson getting ready to race!

Mr Kyle... what a cutie!!!!!!!!!

The parachute was a huge hit! The kids LOVED it and Todd did a great job with dfferent things to do with it!

All the kids got to sit in the middle 2 at a time and we walked around and wound them up. When we ran backwards with the parachute they spinned FAST!!

Jessie and Addyson, I DID NOT tell them to pose, just smile. Look how they are standing. They really are the double mint twins! ( I think they were trying to keep their hats on)

Look at the cake Deborah made! She really needs to hire out and do party planning. She plans the BEST parties and the kids LOVE them! That was one yummy cake! Even the green icing! LOL
The recruits in the mess hall.

And the other end of the table. There is one big kid who is enjoying his cake! LOL

The "hired" help. They did a super job with the kids!

Addyson trying to hit the pinata. Kelly was moving it up and down and it really moved well on its own!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY RILEY!!! We had a blast today!!