May 29, 2008


I can't believe another year has flown by! These last 2 weeks couldn't come to an end quick enough. The kids have been "done" for a while! We had our awards ceremony this morning. I was not sitting very close so the pictures are not great but here are a few......


Tyler receiving his "Prompt and regular" award, not missing more than 3 days all year!

Tyler also received the Science award!!!

On Tuesday the kids received special awards for making it to "Circle of Champions" all 3 times during the year. To make Circle of Champions you must have 90% attendance, good grades (no failing grades) and good behavior. Both boys got to go all 3 times! The award trips were to see a movie, skating and yesterday we went to Joyland Amusement Park. The really great thing is that the kids do not have to pay a dime for these trips. The parents got to award thier child their medal. Todd awarded Tyler and I gave Kamron his.

Daddy and Tyler being really silly waitng for them to call Kamron's name!! Thank goodness one of my teacher friends RAN the camera to Todd to take Kamron's picture after Tyler was finished!


Kamron received "Perfect Attandence" for the year!!!

Kamron also received the Science award. What is funny is they had different teachers and received the same award!!

I got to present Kamron with his Circle of Champion award!
We have had a GREAT YEAR!!!


I feel like I haven't updated in FOREVER! The end of school is always VERY busy and I will make a seperate post with all the various awards and end of school pictures of the boys. Over Memorial Day we spent the weekend with family. We had a blast. My sister, Tamora, lives in Mansfield and we spent the entire weekend with them. They had bought a Wii the day before we arrived and it quickly became an addiction. Yesterday after school I suprised the kids and we went and bought one as well. I have some little boys that can ROCK on Guitar Hero!! I am not sure who likes it more...the kids or Todd and I. We also found the new Wii Fit!!

As of now, we have raised almost 200.00 for the Relay for Life, "Faith, Hope and 'Jayci' Joy" team!! I made bows and auctioned off my sevrices to sew outfits for 2 kids whose grandparents work at school with me. It was really fun!!

Quick prayer request.... I mentioned Bring the Rain blog a few weeks ago. Their family has been struck again with the most unimaginable. Please take a moment and say a prayer for them. They have been through more in 7 weeks than many in an entire lifetime!

May 17, 2008

FAITH, HOPE and "Jayci" JOY

Cancer... I am sure everyone knows someone or has been directly affected by cancer at some point in their life. Last June, 1 year old Jayci Joy was diagnosed with stage 3 Neuroblastoma. She is the daughter of a really close friend and the grand-daughter of the principal at my school. Her road to remission was a tough battle with many PRAYERS being answered. She recently celebrated her 2nd birthday and is in remission!! Praise God!! She has a team for our local "Relay for Life." Her team name is "Faith, Hope and 'Jayci' Joy" and all three of our kids are walking with her. Our goal is to raise at least 100.00. If you would like to make a donation for this cause, please click on the "Make a Donation" link. Unfortunately the Newberry family has been striken with cancer as well. Todd's dad has Non Hodgekin's Lymphoma and continues to be in treatment today. Todd has also lost a sister and 2 grandparents to this horrible disease as well. Please help us help others find a cure!

I have to share a few pictures of sweet Jayci Joy. Those that have followed her story know what a true MIRACLE she is today. Her mom is putting a breathtaking video she made of her on YouTube and I will link in to here when I get it! Thank you for your support!

May 16, 2008

DeShazo Track Meet

Today at school we had our school wide track meet. Our school is blessed with the most amazing gym teacher who does an amazing job with the kids. If you ask any of the kids in school what their favorite time at school is, they will say gym!! I just hope they keep the enthusiasm for exercise! Kamron and Tyler both ran in the 50 yard dash. They were in seperate heats and BOTH won 1st place. I tried hard to get pictures of them crossing the finish line, but was very unsuccessful!

Kamron proudly holding his ribbon!
Tyler proudly holding his ribbon!

At the end of the track meet each grade level got to participate in a "Tug of War" It was really exciting and Tyler's class beat the whole grade level. It was a great day!! Days like today, I really love being a school nurse and getting to share all of these moments with the boys! And shockingly, there were only a few that fell on the track and needed my assistance. The worse fall was on Thursday preparing for the meet. The teachers decided to run a relay also. While a group of teachers were practicing during recess, they decided to run in the street because the grass was wet and muddy. One of them fell hard on the street, tearing her pants and tearing the skin on her knee. 2 hours later with a large hematoma and her knee glued back together, we were able to return to school from the Dr. They pushed her in a wheel chair at the track meet!!

Kamron at Tug of war. It is a little hard to find him, but he is there working hard! Kamron is in front of the REALLY blond little girl in the middle.

Tyler's class winning 3rd grade! They were so excited!! Tyler is in the middle and is the first one that falls, but quickly gets up!

May 10, 2008

Addyson's 5th Birthday

I can not believe my baby is 5. Well technically not until tomorrow morning. She was our Mother's Day baby. Born on Mother's Day 5 years ago and her birthday falls on Mother's Day this year as well. She was the BEST mother's day present ever! Today we had a Tea Party Birthday. She had a blast! It was in our local sandwhich shop called "La Tea Da". The girls were served pink lemonade from cute little tea pots, and ate PB&J, ham and cheese and pink fluff sandwhiches on "china". They had chocolate dipped strawberries, marshmallows, and other fruit on skewers. Waiting for them when we arrived was a trunk filled with marabou boa's, crowns, purses, jewels, hats, wigs, earrings, and GLOVES. The girls loved the gloves! I made her cake to look like a tea pot and think it turned out pretty good. The party favors were crowns and tutu's I found online and Hershey Bar's covered in a "Addyson is 5" wrapper with cute little teapots on it as well. Here are a few pictures of our day. And I bought a new camera!! I am sure now that I bought a new one, my old one will turn up.

Boys 9th Birthday

I had not began blogging when the boys turned 9 this March, so before I post pictures of Addyson's Birthday party today, I am going to share their birthday with you as well!

They had a VERY boy party! We took the boys and 2 friends camping for 3 days. We only went to Lubbock to the KOA on the Clovis highway, but we all had a blast. They had an indoor heated pool and the kids swam 3 times a day! It was pretty chilly that weekend too, so it was a real treat to swim in March. We took them to the drive in to see "Horton Hear's a Who", to Mr. Gatti's for pizza and video games, to Legacy Play Village to run off some energy and bowling. One of the little boys that went with us had never camped before. When we were driving home he told me that he was going to tell his parents to start camping!

Here are some pictures from their birthday:

May 9, 2008

Prayers for a family

I came across this blog last night and couldn't stop reading (I think it was about 1:30am when I finally went to bed. Good thing I was off today!) When you have a moment, or 3-4 hours, read their story. Start at the beginning though. It is the most beautifully written inspirational story of a mother who faces the worst nightmare of any parent. Her faith and love for our Father is amazing. Grab a box of kleenex, believe me you will need them, and say a prayer for her. I don't think I could be as strong.

May 8, 2008

Are you ready for some BASEBALL!!!!!

Last weekend was the opening ceremonies for Muleshoe Little League. This year we are all involved. Todd is coaching with a good friend's of our's and their little boy and our boys are on thier team. They are the Muckdogs and are playing machine pitch baseball. Tyler and Kamron are loving it and are doing really well. While watching their game last Saturday, another very talented friend of ours was there and Kamron came up to bat while she was there with her camera. She took these AMAZING pictures. You can see all her beautiful photo's at

Todd was the 3rd base coach.

She didn't get any of Tyler, but has promised to take some of him at another game. Poor guy was so sick that day. Kamron had Strep throat last Monday (the DAY before TAKS), he got a shot and muttled through the TAKS Tuesday. Later that week I started feeling horrible and by Friday had a 101 fever and Strep. I got to spend the day by myself at home in bed! That night when Tyler came home from school he complained about his throat hurting, when I looked at it, the entire back of his throat was white. So after opening ceremonies on Saturday, I ran Ty to the Dr for antibotics hours before he played in his game. Thankfully Todd and Addyson never got it!

Addyson is playing Tee Ball this year! They redid the league age requirements and are allowing 4-6 year olds to play. My friend Deborah and I are coaching the team. Deborah has a 5 year old as well and her husband is the one coaching with Todd. We are the Aero's. The kids are having fun!! Tonight one of our players had hit the ball and was running the bases. He was on 1st when another player hit the ball. On his way to 2nd the ball went right past him. He bent down and picked it up, WHILE RUNNING THE BASES, and threw it home! We all had a good laugh. I have joked that coaching these little kids is like herding a bunch of little chickens!

When the boys played Tee Ball, all the players wore shorts or jeans with their shirts. Because of this I didn't get Addyson the pants, socks or belt. Well she informed me that she wanted to be "just like everyone else!" Our entire team, except for 1 or 2, have the whole uniform so I went and got it all for her. She looked adorable tonight in her purple shirt, socks and belt. (I will share pictures as soon as I buy a new camera. Mine has disappeared and is not to be found anywhere!)

These are pictures from opening day:

Addyson and best bud Riley. (She say's she is going to marry him!)
Definately not our best family picture!

Addyson swinging and missing!

Check out her purple glove! She has to accessorize!
Could it be TeeBall without playing in the chalk???

May 3, 2008

Kinder Korner Graduation

Last night Addyson graduated from Pre-K. She is not my baby anymore. She was so big and loved every bit of it. I took some video with my still camera, so the quality is not great, but you can still get the idea!

Addyson got to lead the Pledge and her friend Riley got to say the prayer.

Addyson wants to be a nurse, just like mom!!

The boys got to sit with their friends during the graduation. It was fun listening to them talk about when they graduated from Kinder Korner.