June 22, 2009

Fun with grandparents

This last week was the Newberry children's first week of swimming lessons in Lubbock. It worked out that Memaw took the week off and Tamora and Kierstyn came to visit Memaw and Pa Pa also. Kamron and Tyler stayed with Nana and Grandear Newberry and cousin Nicholas (from Dallas). The boys went to VBS at Bacon Heights every morning and I got them for swimming lessons. We had a awesome week! I do not have many pictures of the boys since they were with Nana the majority of the time (but I am sure she took plenty for me!!)
Here is Addyson and Kierstyn the first day when they saw each other. The were so silly!

We played outside most nights. The girls brought their bikes and played with colored chalk. They drew "monsters with cavities" on the sidewalk, and Addyson saw a red ants TEETH!

We went to Legacy Play Village one morning before it became 105 degrees. The little girls wore Memaw out!! She loved every minute of it! (Ashtyn was in Oklahoma at soccer camp loving life!!)

Who is doing more work here... Memaw or Addyson??? Addyson looks more concerned about keeping the sun out of her eyes!

Memaw and her "little girls" who are quickly growing up!

One morning, they headed out for a pedicure and manicure!! SPOILED!! (We love you mom!!!)
Memaw took them to Justice and bought the cutest outfits ever!! They were our little "Hanna Montana's"
The boys would spend many evenings with us too. One night we went to Joyland and had a BLAST! We really did wear out Nana and Memaw that night. Cousin Nicholas came too. It was a fun late night!!
Tyler diving into the pool at swimming lessons. They are working really hard on diving. He is getting better every day! Keep those legs up Ty!
Mr. Kamron diving. He is doing great!

2 afternoons after swimming lessons we headed back to Memaw's pool in her neighborhood. It is the BEST pool! Nicholas and Kierstyn joined in the fun.

Kierstyn jumping in "mid air"

Addyson "mid air!"

One day at the pool, we met one of our friends from Muleshoe there. She still has a house with her sister in Lubbock and the kids loved seeing her there! Miss Addyson LOVES her. I am not sure how relaxing it was for her that day!

Our two little fishies!

All 5 kids!

Driving home on Friday. They were tired!!
We were freezing Addyson out and I keep a blanket in the car for when Todd freezes me out! She looks like "Little Red Riding Hood"
We have been planning a big trip this summer for a while. We kept it from the kids until last week. I ordered these shirts and they got to open them. I don't think it totally sank in until a few days later. We leave in a few weeks and we are so excited!! I "hope" to blog each night about what we did that day to share with family. I will try.