April 30, 2008

Mommy's Toys!!

After much consideration, I finally brought out ALL of my Strawberry Shortcake toys from when I was little. I thought I had it all (until I began searching on eBay tonight....) and Addyson has had a blast! Her birthday is next week and we really have no idea what to get her. She does not need a thing. I wish I would of wrapped all of these old toys. She was so excited and has had so much fun playing with them. Talk about memory lane. I am pretty shocked how well they have held up after all these years!

April 27, 2008


Yesterday, Saturday, we went to Lubbock to the Ranching Heritage Center for their "Ranch Days". I think we were there with the rest of Lubbock. We had the most perfect weather, 70's with no west Texas wind! Addyson got a little sunburned. Todd's uncle John from Florida was in town and he got to go with us. We had a really great time. Here are a few pictures:

Addyson got to make a Corn husk doll!

Addyson sitting on the bull, but DON'T start it!
Kamron riding the bull
Tyler riding the bull. The Lubbock AJ took pictures of both boys. They also took their names, so watch the paper, they could be famous!
They got to make Stick Horses. (Which are now used as litesavers playing Starwars!)

Tyler on Stilts.....

Kamron on stilts.......
Dad on Stilts..... Everyone stopped to watch Todd walk on the stilts! He actually did better than the kids did!

While the boys walked on the stilts, Addyson found a new friend!

They got to work the hand train

Addyson was "Miss Rodeo"

April 18, 2008

Flashback Friday!!

I have been looking forward to this post all week. This week I am going to blog about my boys. They were born 11 weeks early weighing only 2lb 8oz and 2lb 10oz. They were our miracle babies from the start. After a rough beginning they came home from the hospital still incredibly tiny. Kamron weighed 3lb 8oz and Tyler weighed 4lb 1 oz. Most of my pictures from their early days are not on the computer, but I do have a few scanned:
I am sad to say that this picture was me walking to the C-section room to deliver the boys. I had to hold my gown in to even tell I was pregnant. Sad, I know!

This is our first "family" picture.

Their arms were so tiny that Todd's wedding band went up to their shoulders.

The picture with Todd's hand and one of the boys is my absolute favorite picture.

Emily C, this picture is for you!! We loved them in thier little "preemie" gap outfits. I wanted to use this picture for their birth announcement, but didn't. We played dress up in the unit one day!

As I finish my first flashback post of the boys first few months, this last picture was their first professional picture. They were 3 months old and we momentarily unhooked all of their equiptment for this precious picture!

April 17, 2008

What a day!

What an eventful day today has been! Addyson and her Pre-K class got to tour "daddy's school" today. It was a bittersweet day thinking that in a few months she will be in kindergarten. I feel like yesterday that she was born!

I met them at Dillman and took the tour also. They were all so excited. The school is under MAJOR construction with a whole new wing added for pre-K and Kindergarten. It is almost complete but we still could not take the kids through it. We almost convinced the principal to let us take a look, but he said "NO!".
The biggest hit was the loft at the library and the stage! Addyson is in her black "back to school" skirt.

Tee ball and baseball was cancelled tonight because the Lord blessed us with a much needed rain. Our ground is thirsty!!

The boys had a big day today as well. It was the awards for Little Dribblers. This was thier first year to get to play and they had a ball! We tried to "bribe" them with money to be more aggressive and to make a basket. They didn't make a basket but they improved a lot this season. I got a picture of Tyler receiving his award, but they called Kamron's name too quick afterward that I missed Kamron. Our team placed 3rd and Kamron received the "MOST IMPROVED PLAYER" award for the entire league. We were so proud of him!! I know if they could of given 2 awards, Tyler would of had one too! So now we jump head first into Baseball. Todd and a good friend of ours is coaching the boys and our friend's wife and myself are coaching TeeBall. It should be pretty interesting!

April 13, 2008

Cub Scouts

Todd, Kamron and Tyler are really involved in Cubscouts. Todd is the Cub Master for Muleshoe and their den leader. We recently had the Pine Wood Derby and the boys did really well this year! Also because of all of Todd's accomplishments with school and scouts he was named Muleshoe's Man of the Year. We were all so proud of him! Here are a few pictures!

Kyra's Kreation's

Most everyone know's I love to sew, and my mother has labled the clothes I make for Addyson as "Kyra's Kreation's" As I make new little outfits for her, I plan on putting pictures on here also. I am working on a Tea Party dress for her 5th birthday. I can't believe that my baby is almost 5. Makes me sad. She also wants a Girly Pirate outfit. I found the neatest Skulls and Crossbones fabric in black yesterday that also has flowers on it. It will be black and pink. I will definately show that one off!!

Here are a few of the recent outfits I have made:

Becareful of Viruses!!

So I finally started a blog and the first night I had it up, I noticed that I had a comment already. I was thinking, WOW, someome already read my blog. I didn't know the name, but it said click here, and here was a hyperlink. When I did the computer went crazy. It was a VIRUS and it was now on my husband's WORK computer! The virus protection ran and it found 66 viruses with Spyware and Adware and Trojans. I have been sick all weekend thinking I have destroyed everything on his computer. I finally mustered up the nerve to call one of the IT ladies at home and she said it will probably be fine, but she wants to see the computer on Monday morning. After I deleted that entire post with the comment so no one else would click on it, I changed my comments so that I can read them before they are posted. I hope that will filter out a little.

April 11, 2008

I am finally going to join the blogging world!

I have finally decided that as much as I am on the Internet and as many blogs that I follow, I should start one of the Newberry Clan. I am hoping that this will help me remember things that my kids do and say that I would of other wise forgot. I am hoping my good friend Kristi helps me personalize this like she did for Deborah! I saw on another blog that she did a "Flashback Friday" and I think I may copy her and try to do that too. Our kids have grown so much and I would love for everyone to see how tiny they were LONG ago!

Tonight we were at the boys basketball game. They are not very agressive and we have told them we want them to foul, to try to get them to be more aggressive. It is slowly working and since we only have one more game, they are finally getting the hang of it. Tyler was inches from making a basket tonightand Kamron stole the ball a few times, it was pretty exciting. The funny thing is during the game, Addyson was playing with a group of kids. She is quite the socialite (not sure where she gets that from) and the kids started looking under the bleachers. They started talking and saying that there was someone under the bleachers. They started scarring themselves. It was pretty comical, until Addyson came running up the stairs and said "Mommy, the kids told me someone DIED under there!" They were so serious and thankfully Mr. Newberry went to the rescue and went down there with them and reassured them that there was NOTHING under the bleachers!! We finally get her to sleep in her own bed, and the bleaches scare her!

We did tell the boys tonight that if they score next Tuesday, there last game, we will give them 20.00. If that makes them more aggressive, I wish we would of told them that all season. I will let you know if they make it!