February 17, 2009

So sorry!

I have been the bad blogger lately. I got wrapped up in reading and have read about 2000 pages in a week. It is all Tamora's fault! Anyway... not much going on here. The boys have started basketball and have their first game on Thursday. They are enjoying it! They also had to make volcano's for school and did a SUPER job! Everyone is well (knocking on wood) and I hope it stays that way! We babysat my mom and dad's dog this last weekend while they traveled to Santa Fe, NM to celebrate their 39th wedding anniversary! What a blessing they are to all of us.

I promise I will have pictures of the kids the next time I post! The boys are having a "Lock in" at the school for scouts on Saturday. I will have lots of pictures!

February 7, 2009

This week is OVER!

I am really glad that this week is over. We are ready to start new! All 3 kids have been really sick and I am counting my blessings that Todd and I have not gotten it.

Addyson got sick last Friday and Kamron followed suit on Tuesday with Strep throat. I won the "Worst mom of the Year award" on Wednesday when I allowed Kamron to go to school because he didn't want to lose Perfect Attendance. He felt HORRIBLE all day but didn't come see me because he said I told him not to. I didn't. His temp was 102 that night. There is more to the story, but I won't go into that! LOL Kamron stayed home Thursday from school, no questions asked! Wednesday morning Tyler started complaining of not felling well and our WONDERFUL pediatrician called Tyler in an antibodic also. He was on it for more than 48 hours when he got a 101.5 fever at school after having LOTS of motrin. Todd was tagged and ran Tyler to Lubbock where he has a strain of the flu and we are not really sure if he ever had strep or if he was getting the virus on Wednesday. Last night about 7pm our peditrician called me at home to check on the kids. You just don't find doctors like that anymore. Ty did wake up with a fever this morning again but feels so much better tonight!

I am glad this week is over and I really hope that things start looking up in the Newberry house. I have no pictures to share this time, they would not be pretty! Lots of pale faces with red noses and dark circles under their eyes!

I have a special prayer request for a lady named Michelle. She is pregnant with miracle twins after surviving ovarian cancer herself. She is 24 weeks and in the hospital in preterm labor. As of the moment they have stopped the contractions with medicine, but she needs to keep these babies in for at least 6 more weeks. PLEASE pray for these precious babies that are so wanted by this special family.

February 1, 2009

100th Day of School

The 100th Day of School is a big deal in the primary grades (PK-2). This past Friday was Muleshoe's 100th day. Addyson had been looking forward to it for weeks. It is a fun party day filled with hundred's of activities. One of the activities was to come dressed representing anything 100. You can dress 100 years old, put 100 of any item on a shirt, ect. Addyson was going to go dressed like they did 100 years ago. My friend Deborah's mother had a dress that she wore when she was around Addyson's age. Her mother made the dress and it came with a pettiskirt, parisol, and bonnet. It was beautiful! Addyson, my girlie girl, LOVED IT!

Thursday night before bed Addyson became really cranky and just not herself. She was running a 102 fever! I felt so bad because I knew she would miss her 100th day of school. We went to Lubbock Friday where she was negative for flu and strep, but her 02 sats were only in the 80's. They did a breathing treatment and started her on steroids. All day Friday she ran a fever, but is good as new today! Last night after her bath I dressed her in the outfit she was going to wear to school on Friday. She looked so cute! Here is my own "Laura Ingles".