May 30, 2009

School's OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

School is OUT!! Hallalujah!!!!!!!! This is going to be a pretty long post with quite a few pictures! I had uploaded about 20 pictures last weekend and our "fair haired" child disconnected me from the internet before it saved! So it has taken me a week to try again. Here is a picture of Addyson and her baby both sleeping. They both are in our bed EVERY single night! Even Nala loves baby "Mollie"

Western Day at school had us accessorizing with Addyson's tourquoise boots! I thought we did a pretty good job!

At the annual track meet at DeShazo Kamron won first place!

Tyler got second!!!!!

Addyson's birthday party was FUN! We had 6 squealing little girls spend the night. They had a BLAST!

The boys were dreading the slumber party, but I think they even had a little fun! They pulled the girls around the back yard in our wagon. The girls LOVED it!

What is a slumber party without DRESS UP!!!!!!!

At 12:30am MOM said LIGHTS out!!! I was exhauseted! Did I mention that the track meet was earlier in the day and it was also Addyson's Western Day! We were tired and the girls were running on adereline!
Opening presents the next day! Mr. Riley, Addyson's best buddy came to play too. Addyson wanted him to spend the night too, but I don't think he would of enjoyed having his finger nails and toe nails painted!!
Instead of cake we had Krispy Kreme donuts and fruit! YUM!!

Two words.... Rosetta Stone! The boys and Todd are learning Spanish and LOVING IT. The computer gets fought over daily to get onto Rosetta Stone. The quiz each other, and give them a year, lets see how much they learn! You have to talk into the microphone and use correct pronouncation of the words. It is hillarious to listen to the boys speak Spanish!

For her birthday, Addyson got a barbie with her dog. You take the dog for a walk and it POOPS! You clean it up and the dogs keeps walking. Who thinks of these toys??? (Don't ask how you get the "poop" into the dog!!)

Kamron was inducted as next years Muleville PRESIDENT! Here he is conducting the last of the meeting where he was inducted. What a honor!

Here is Kamron being sworn in as the next president.

Kindergarten graduation!!!!!! Addyson with Grace and Jessie, her buds!!

Addyson and her "diploma" She is a big 1st grader now!! Sniff sniff!! Where did my baby go?

Addyson and her teacher, Mrs King! We love you Mrs King!! You have loved her like your own and taught her so much! How can we ever thank you?

At the boys awards assembly, Kamron received Hononr Roll, Prompt and Regular (he only missed 1 day for being really sick), and he was the ONE student chosen out of his class for OUTSTANDING student!! WTG Kamron!!!

Mr Tyler got PERFECT attendance, HONOR Roll, the Science award and the TOP AR reader in his class award!!! WTG Tyler!!

AND the biggest news of all.... I have a new niece!! Miss Gabriela Rosemarie Newberry was born last night to Cory and Tina Newberry (Todd's brother) I got a text with a picture and she is BEAUTIFUL!! Mr. Nicholas will be such a great big brother! We can't wait to go see her!! Congrats again Uncle Cory and Aunt Tina!

May 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

Today my baby is 6....WHEN did that happen??? I feel like I had her yesterday. She has become a sweet, loving, sassy little girl who we love so very much!

Our itty bitty 5lb baby girl :

Birth announcement picture:

Addyson turned 1... What fun we had!!

Here she is almost 2. She has the CUTEST #2 birthday outfit and I can't find a picture! Now I am a little worried!!!

(Update..Nana came through and emailed me a pictue of Addyson in her #2 outfit!!! Thank you Nana!!!) And Todd got a panicked phone call at school that I can't find 2 years of photo's!!!!!!!

Here she is around the age of 3. Same thing, I can't find her birthday pictures!! Slightly panic stricken...
Age 4, right before Easter (and her birthday)

# 5! What an awesome Tea party we had!!!

And here is today:

She LOVES her baby!!!
Here is her new baby that "creeps" out the boys! LOL They say it looks too real!

Memaw and PaPa got Addyson all these COOL tub toys! She LOVES them. I had a hard time getting her out of the bath before, NOW it is even harder!! (Look at the little ones quirting!)

Here is a picture of Addyson as a baby wearing the same preemie outfit that her new baby "Mollie" is wearing in the SAME blanket. Addyson even asked me to wake her up in the middle of the night to feed her baby. I went through all of Addyson's old baby blankets and preemie outfits for her to play dress up. She LOVED it!!!

We love you baby girl!!

May 10, 2009

Special Kids on Mother's Day

I first want to wish my SUPER mom and mother-in-law a HAPPY Mother's Day. We LOVE you so!! Here is my mom, Memaw, with all the grand kids. Kamron, Ashtyn, Tyler and then Addyson and Kierstyn.

My mother-in-law, Kay with Addyson. I am lazy tonight on the laptop in the bedroom and do not have a picture with all the kids and Kay. Sorry...

I had a GREAT Mother's Day. After church we headed to Clovis and had a SUPER lunch at Shogun.

After lunch we ran to Walmart to pick up a few grocery items for the week. Addyson was exhausted. This NEVER happens:

At school on Friday the kindergarten classes put together a "Mother's Day" tea. It was so fun. Here is a few pictures and a short video of a song they sang.

Addyson will be turning 6 tomorrow...where did my baby go? I can not wait to show off her birthday present. I had a little photo shoot tonight but I will refrain from posting pictures of "her" until she has actually seen "her"! LOL We are having a slumber party next weekend with 6 little girls. She is so excited. Check back tomorrow for birthday pictures and pictures of the last 6 years..... sniff...sniff....

May 2, 2009

Legos, Tee Ball and Field Trips

Tyler and Kamron have been playing with their Legos non stop. They have built some pretty neat things. They took these pictures and wanted me to share:

This is their base. They have 4 of the star wars "walkers" and they battle.

That is alot of star wars men! LOL

This picture needed to be turned. I didn't realize it until it was to late. sorry

Addyson and 2 of her friends today at their first Tee ball 's game. WE FROZE! I thought it was MAY! IT was in the 40's with freezing wind!! Poor babies froze (the boys and I froze too!)

Addyson had just scored and saw me with the camera! I love this picture!!

Instead of doing what she was supposed to, Addyson was jumping and dancing in the outfield. I can't believe I got her in the air!! LOL These kids were so funny!

Addyson up to bat! Kamron took this picture for me while I used the Video camera. Thanks Kam! The boys decided to not play baseball this year. We didn't force them and so far they have not regreted the decision!

Last Monday, 2 days before ALL field trips across county lines were banned, I went with Addyson on her field trip. We had a really great time. Here is Addyson's class (minus a couple) with her teacher, Mrs. King

The rock wall was the favorite of all the kids! Thankfully no one got hurt.

Addyson watching the bubbles race.

Driving the race car!!

These little girls were dancing! They were sooo funny!

The three amigos for the day!

Addyson and Jessie inside the big mouth!

Such a hard day! They slept almost the whole hour on the bus on the way home!!

The boys were supposed to have their field trip on Thursday but it was cancelled. They were very disappointed but their teachers made the day so special! They deaded to the park with jump houses and candy. Tyler had to cut the day short because he ended up with the stomach bug...YUCK. Thankfully, no one else has got it yet!