March 29, 2009

Proud mom!

We had the boys birthday party on Friday night. It was the night of the BLIZZARD. We had planned to go to Clovis to a movie and out to eat, but when the wind and snow came down, we quickly aborted that idea. Todd went to our local lumber store and bought supplies for all the boys to make their own "marshmellow shooter" AKA nerf bullet shooter. I think the boys shot them for 11 hours straight before Todd took them away at 2 am so they could get a little sleep. I do not think they even slept at that time. We have over 300 nerf bullets in the house from all of the various guns over the years. At one point, I was sitting in my chair being used as a shield. I had my newly bought "Twilight" DVD case as a shield from the hundreds of bullets flying through the house. After a few boys got hit in the eye, they all began wearing protective goggles. Big lesson learned. I think all the boys had a super time and they were very tired on Saturday!

I tried to get the bullets in mid air and got three! One of these bullets got stuck in the light fixture of the fan!
While Kamron and Tyler had their sleep over, Addyson got to go to a sleep over too. They made tie-dye shirts and played with Katelyn's little puppies. Addyson had a blast! She wanted to come home with a puppy, but mommy said said "No" on that one. She did wake up this morning saying she dreamt about the puppies. She is still trying to get one!

Kamron sang at church this morning. He was so nervous this morning. The last time he sang he wasn't nervous at all, but today was a little different. Todd went up with him and he sang the song, with tears in his eyes. He had 1/2 the congregation in tears when it was all over and a standing ovation! I was proud! I videoed while he was singing and this picture is of our wonderful pastor talking to him after he sang.
After church today, both sets of grandparents were here and we had a great lunch and the boys got to open presents from Nana and Grandear and Memaw and Papaw.

The boys got really neat Star Wars kites from my mom and dad and some much needed summer clothes. The boys got money from Nana and Grandear and were THRILLED!! Uncle Dain and aunt Chrissy sent them a new Wii game. They have played it non stop! Thanks again, they loved it!

Addyson and Nana

Kamron with his kite. He was making a really funny face and would have a fit if he knew I put the picture on here.

Tyler with his kite

Tyler being silly

Addyson and her daddy

Here is my hair over my birthday, see my new video camera! The boys have been dying for me to show my new hair. So here is the before picture:

And me as a blonde!! My idea of light highlights and my hairdresser's idea of light highlights was a little different. It is growing on me and mom told me today that it makes me look younger, so that is always a plus! LOL

Miss Addyson, I took her to the Dr this past Thursday in a little panic. On Wed when I got her out of the bath I noticed her entire lower half of her body was crooked. Horrifyingly crooked. It was so noticeable I could not believe that I had never noticed it before. Todd became extremely worried and I called first thing Thursday and got her in that afternoon. I really thought she had scolosis. Even though her back was straight, that was all I could think of. Well, it is not scolosis. Her right leg is 2 1/2 cm shorter than her left leg. It is about an inch. Who knows why, but of all the things that it could of been, we will take this. We see the Pediatric orthapedic doctor on Thursday April 9th as we head to Dallas for Easter. Keep our little princess in your prayers that this will indeed be "nothing" or as close to nothing as possible!

9 more weeks of school! We are counting down the days. (60 including weekends, 41 actual school days!) We are ready for summer. Everyone has spring fever!!!

March 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Boys!

My "babies" through the years:
Here are the boys a few days old. They were less than 3 pounds in this picture. The basket was about 10 inches in diameter that they were BOTH in. This picture is deceiving. They were TINY!

Happy first birthday!!

2 years old! Aren't they CUTE!

3 years old with cousin Ashtyn in the middle!

Happy 4th!

Pre K graduation and they boys were 5!

Hanging out at cousin Nicholas's birthday and they were 6!

Turning into little boys, here they are at 7!

Blowing out candles with Nana, they are 8.

Last year we did a HUGE camping trip birthday and they were 9!

Tonight after eating at Leals where they got to wear the sombrero and have sopapialla's, we gave them their presents from us. We got them air soft pellet guns. They were SPEECHLESS! Super excited! We are having 4 more boys tomorrow night (6 total) for a sleep over. We were supposed to go to Clovis to a movie and to eat out, but we have a BLIZZARD coming so we are renting movies and ordering pizza!! Happy birthday baby boys! We love you and are SUPER proud of the wonderful young men you have become!!

March 23, 2009

Spring has Sprung!

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March 22, 2009

Spring Break... a week in review!

It is Sunday evening and Spring Break is OVER. It is a bitter sweet. The school year will be over in 9 weeks, but we have to get back and finish those to get to the summer, so bitter sweet. We had a great week. After we cleaned the house and the yard, Tuesday we traveled to Amarillo for the day. Our first stop was Palo Dura Canyon. We just drove through and spent about an hour there. We will be returning in April for a weekend camping trip! Here is Addyson looking through the binoculars at the canyon.
Kamron, Addyson and Tyler
Mr. Tyler

While we were driving through the canyon there were many deer on the side of the road. This deer was "talking" to Todd. LOL
After we left Palo Duro we went into Amarill for lunch. Our plan was to go to Coyote Bluff for some lunch. Take a look, it is a HOLE IN THE WALL place that was featured on Diners, Drive In's and Dives on the Food Channel. We were excited to eat there (well I was until I saw the building) and it was PACKED at 11:30. We had whiney, hungary kids (and adults) so we skipped out but will definately have to try again!

We made it to an awesome place after lunch called Jump-n-Jive. It was so neat! It is an old Dunlaps building that has 15 + jump houses that the kids had a BLAST. We were there for 5 hours that day. Todd did take a few pictures of me in the Jump houses, but they didn't turn out, oops! LOL

Tyler sliding down the HUGE slide. I didn't attempt the slide this time. Past memories of taking down about 10 kids behind me rang in my ears.

Kamron on the slide

Addyson posing for me.

I played alot in this one with Addyson. It isn't enclosed!! LOL

This was a running bungee jusp thing. The kids LOVED it!!

The kids LOVED this obstical coarse. It was not my favorite. It was a little hard for this momma!

Wednesday we were outside and Todd flagged down the Schwan truck for some Sundae cones. Addyson sat next to Todd and just talked. LOVE this picture!!!

Mom, this is the laundary basket we got for Christmas. The kids FIGHT over who gets to sit in it. (The boys birthday is Thursday, hint, hint!! We need 2 more!!)

I finally sewed again on Wednesday. I am still in the process of RE-READING all the Twilight books and have 200 pages left on the last book, SO I need to start sewing again. Anyway, this is what I made. Addyson wore it on Thursday while we went to Lubbock. I got my hair highlighted and the kids went to a movie with Todd. Be prepared for the next time you see me! I am SUPER BLONDE. I should post a picture but I am still a little self conscious. I better get over it since school starts again tomorrow!! LOL

On Saturday, uncle Cory, aunt Tina and Nicholas all came to Muleshoe with Nana and Grandear. The kids made Nicholas a marshmellow shooter like their's and they were anxiously awaiting them to walk through the door to pelt them with nerf bullets! No one was safe on Saturday!!

Addyson LOVES Tina! Tina read numerous books to Addyson while we were at Nana's. Tina is about 29 weeks pregnant with a little GIRL. Addyson is going to have another girl to play with! This is going to be one spoiled little girl!! We are all so excited for her to get here! (Sorry the picture is dark!)

These next photo's are our little "Photo shoot" in the trees!

BACK TO REALITY!! The boys birthday is Thursday. They will be 10. I can't believe it! It seems like only yesterday they were my teeny tiny 2 pound babies. Have a great week!