October 26, 2008

Hoo Rah Girls!

Muleshoe won again Friday night! It was a great game and I have a feeling we are going to win state this year. We have an awesome team! Both boys were spending the night with friends so it was just Todd, myself and Addyson. Addyson invited one of her friends to go the the game with us. They had so much fun and intertained our entire section of the stands. Each time Muleshoe scores, the "Hoo Rah" girls come out and every one in the stands follows with them. "Can I get a 'Hoo RAH'".....HooRah.......HooRah..........Hoo Rah. You get the picture! LOL The girls LOVE the Hoo Rah girls, probably more than the cheerleaders. Well Friday our pastors wife was sitting below us and she teaches at the high school so she knew who these girls were (under their face paint) and called them over to meet the girls. They came up into the stands and hugged them and they were BEAMING!! The next touchdown before they did their "Hoo Rah" thing, they came and got the little girls and let them do it with them! IT was Priceless and I had my camera!!! I couldn't get great pictures of them being the "HooRah" girls because it was dark, but what a fun night it was!

>Hugging the HooRAh girls! They were so excited!

It was dark and I was pretty far away, but this is the girls being one of the HooRah girls!

Fall Festival!

Last night was our fall festival to raise money for the PTA. It was crowded and hot, but the kids had fun! Here are a few pictures from last night.

Addyson with the Mule.
We did the hay ride first thing before it got too cold!
The kids on the hay ride. The sun was in my eyes, so we tried again....

And then the sun was in their eyes. No good picture tonight! LOL After this, I didn't see the boys until we went home. It is nice that they are grown up enough to walk with their friends.

October 19, 2008

What a week!

It has actually been almost 2 weeks since I have shared our lives with you. We are all so busy and I hardly have computer time anymore. I have to share some pictures just so I can look back and remember the stories behind them!

Here is Addyson after the Muleshoe football game last week. I bribe them to leave the games early with popcorn. Works everytime! She was so tired, she fell asleep holding her popcorn bowl.
Todd and I went to the Tech/Nebraska game last week. On the way back to Muleshoe it was dark and I heard the kids talking about Chicken Pox. Our kids have no clue what chicken pox even are, but they gave themselves some with a MARKER!!
These are Tyler and Kamron's costumes for this year!! Aren't they adorable! They got to wear them to school and "campaign" for the 3rd grade classes. Their social studies teacher from last year wanted them to share "their" views. They had a blast and they got to get out of their classes for a while!

After a very cold and rainy last weekend, it finally dried up and warmed up for us to have some fun at the park. Kamron took time to play with Kyle. He is a doll!! He is walking and his smile will melt your heart!

Kyle, Addyson and Bode playing in the rocks. They were teaching him good things like throwing rocks!
A rare moment where I caught a picture of the "big" boys playing war with the Nerf guns! It is hard to catch them in one spot.
Saturday was our Octoberfest in Muleshoe and the kids painted pumpkins at the Kettner's. We had a blast. Addyson won 2nd place and Kamron won 3rd in their age group. I was very proud of all 3 of them, they put lots of effort in creating their pumpkin.
Tyler with his "Clone Trooper"
Addyson had way more fun playing with Gracie than decorating her pumpkin. She did paint it a tiny bit pink.
Addyson, Riley and Gracie.....see all the painting they were doing!
Addyson's 2nd place "Prize Penelope the Pig"
Kamron won 3rd place for his "Darth Vader and his droids"
Ty's Clone Trooper
They got their face painted also. LOVE Halloween face painting!
Tyler with his face painting!! The boys told everyone that they stole a girl scouts cookies and the girl scouts beat them up! LOL
Addyson and Lindsey after they got their faces painted. Lindsey has a new baby sister that I sure loved holding. She is only a month old and precious!!
My boys. the cub scouts sold cokes and brownies as a fund raiser at the Octoberfest. We worked for 3 hours and did pretty well!
Before we left on Saturday for the cub scout outing, I was switching the laundary and found my cell phone on the bottom of my washer! I had washed my cell phone. It is dead, and we had to go to Clovis after church on Sunday to get me a new one. 180.00 later AND I got the cheapest phone there was. We never buy phones, we get the free ones that come with our plans. BIG, HUGE lesson learned!!

We also got our new roof this weekend. We are without satellite for the 3rd day! You really do not think about how much you would just like to watch the news, until you can't. Hopefully it will be restored tomorrow!!

One last thing, Sunday afternoon Tyler was riding his bike and found a turtle. He brought it home so that he could take it to school today. We watched the turtle in the box all during supper. After supper Addyson decided to introduce our cat to the turtle. She was holding Nala saying, "You be nice to the turtle, don't you eat it!" After hearing that Todd told Addyson, "If Nala eats the turtle...she is NOT staying in our house!!"

The turtle is now "safe" with 120 4th graders at school!

Have a great week!

October 7, 2008

Advice needed

I am in the process of sewing Addyson's Christmas dress and need opinions. I tried to email these pictures, but they were too big, and I have no idea how to resize them. So onto my blog they go! LOL
Here is the front panel. The buttons will be the little gingerbread men. The gingerbread man is not finished, he is with out a mouth, that Addyson is quite concerned about.

This is the back. Very unfinished. All the pieces are just ironed on. I have not "Glitzed" them or sewed them down yet. Just wanted you to see it all to help me decide!
Here is where I need help. The side panels.... I have no idea which fabric to use. There is the stripe, on the left, or the Christmas tree one on the right. I also have the brown of the gingerbread men OR I could use the corduroy that I used for the house. I also have more pink and green daisy's from the top section that I could use. Such decisions!! LOL One other consideration is that the 'under dress' is pink and brown leopard knit with pink and brown dots. It is the same pattern as the Halloween one I just finished. Just LOTS more detail! Please help me decide. Thank you!!!!

October 5, 2008

Family Fun Day

Yesterday, Saturday, we headed to Clovis for a day of fun! Todd and the boys played golf and Addyson and I headed to the Zoo. After lunch we took the kids to see Beverly Hills Chihuahua. It was pretty funny. The kids loved it and Todd and I even enjoyed ourselves. Take your kids, they will LOVE it! Here are a few pictures from our day:

Addyson in front of the Tiger!

The tiger is laying just like our dog Shelby lays!
Kamron swinging the golf club
Tyler swinging the glof club
We got to the golf coarse for the last 2 holes. Addyson wanted to play too!

Addyson before church this morning.

Here are a few pictures of our pets, inspired by Nala kissing Addyson tonight!

Suprisingly, Nala LOVES Addyson despite Addyson "loving" her a litte too much! LOL This was tonight during bath.

3 days ago, this is how I found Addyson watching TV. Nala looks sooo happy to be in there with her!
Kamron loving on Nala last year. I couldn't find a more recent one. I am so glad our kids love our pets so much!
Nala got into this herself! Probably trying to get away from Addyson!
Tyler loving on Snowball and Midnight. Midnight is Nala's mom. Snowball is no longer with us. Nala actually really does love Tyler. She sleeps with him and only purr's for him!

October 3, 2008

Dillman Ribbon Cutting ceremony

On Tuesday was the Ribbon cutting for the new addition at Dillman (Todd's school). There was about 100 people that came to the event. After the ribbon cutting they were allowed to tour the new building. There were many from the community that had not seen the school and I think it was a huge success. Here are a few pictures:

Addyson and her friend Grace, enjoying a "few" cookies before the ribbon cutting!

Todd talking to "The Boss" , waiting on everyone to gather before the official speech begins.
The school board, architects, and Mr Lee Lewis himself hanging out behind Todd while he talked

Our 3 angels listening attentively to their daddy talk! LOL
Cutting the ribbon using "Dillman size" scissors.
Terran, Tyler, Kamron and Treg taking the TOUR.
Kamron looking ALOT like Mrs. Kim!
See the resemblance!!! LOL
Tyler and Kamron had so much fun talking to each other on the secretaries head sets. They were hilarious. Kim and Anna both said that when the kids stay with Todd in the afternoon, they get NO work done!! I can completely see that!

Addyson standing in the corner with the little boy and girl!
Nana and Grandear eating lunch with Addyson during Grandparents Day.
Addyson and Jessie at school. (Mrs. King, Addyson's teacher sent me these pictures!!)
Remember the MuleDay parade that I forgot my camera.... Mrs. King got a picture of my boys!
This is the "morning after" the BIG CAMPOUT! (Thanks Amy!!)