September 29, 2008

Cub Scout Camping!

I am a day late, but at least it isn't a week late!! Todd and the boys went to the Muleshoe Wildlife Refuge with about 70 other scouts, parents and siblings on Saturday. They left about 10:00 with another family and set up camp before the others arrived. I had big plans to sew all day since Addyson and I would be home alone!! I woke up Saturday and had a HORRIBLE allergy attack and sneezed 500 times and could not bend over (to sew) with out my nose POURING!! It was not fun! After taking 1 Claritin, 2 Chlortrimatons and 2 adult Benadryls I slept for 2 1/2 hours. Thanks goodness I have a daughter that will color for hours and will watch anything on Noggin!! While still sneezing, Addyson and I loaded up and drove the 20 minutes to the camp site. I had the camera at home and wouldn't forgive myself for not going and taking pictures. When we arrived, this is what we saw!!
Their tent is the one to the right of the "kitchen" They had a really neat set up... Pro campers!
They were returning from their hike when we pulled up.
They ran to inform me that they saw a RATTLESNAKE while hiking!!! UGH!
It was a little breezy and the kids quickly grew impatient of the "right" way to start a fire!
RIP!!!!!!!! Right about here is when Todd's pants riped! The fire was finally started though.
Kamron, Addyson and Tyler roasting their hot dogs. One of the little boys kept asking when they were going to get to "BURN their wienies" It was Cute!!

LOVE this picture of all the hot dogs being "burned". Addyson actually cooked mine for me. She did a really good job!
Tyler and Addyson!
Kamron with his walking stick, not sure if the stick would of helped with the snake!
This is GROSS, I know, but there were hundreds of flies stuck to the top of the awning!!! YUCK!

Our 3 darlings, with a campfire and sunset!!! (Don't you love Addyson's kool-aid mouth!)
Any guess to how many large Marshmallow's are in her mouth????????
The rare moment that I am not sneezing or have Kleenex shoved up my nose!! LOL
We bought glow sticks for all the kids, it was a HUGE hit! Look at the glow stick that is swinging in a circle!! Pretty neat picture!
Addyson is showing me her hand COVERED in the green glow stick that was broken all over her!! Good thing it is NON- TOXIC. It was over her face, hand and clothes. I wish the picture would of turned out better. It was pretty funny. Driving home in the dark, she was GLOWING!
Addyson and I came home about 9:00pm. We did not stay the night. The boys, all 3, were EXHAUSTED on Sunday. They had a really great time and some great dad one on one time!!!!

September 27, 2008

Catching up

School has started and I am finding myself going days without even turning on the computer! (Which is HUGE for me) I will try to do better, but for now, I will probably only post on the weekends unless something big happens during the week. Last weekend I finished Addyson's Halloween dress. I am very excited how it turned out. There are still small touches I want to add and some BLING to different areas, but here is a picture I took right after I finished it.

I am planning to add "bling" to the spider web.

The Halloween outfit was my practice outfit, because I amo going to use the same pattern for Christmas. I plan on it looking completely different with lots of details. It is going to be PINK with Gingerbread. Still not sure how the color scheme is going to work out, but I am excited to start playing!!

Todd and the boys are leaving in a few minutes to go camping with Cub Scouts. Addyson and I are planning to visit them later this evening/night and them come home to sleep in our oun bed!! There is about 60+ kids and parents going. They are going to the Muleshoe Wildlife Refugee that is only about 30 minutes away. They are going to have a blast. I will post pictures tomorrow!!

Enjoy your weekend!

September 18, 2008

Kindergarten lessons!

It never fails, in kindergarten our kids love to say and do things that I know we will laugh about for years! When the boys were in Kindergarten, Tyler 'almost' took our kitty to school....hidden in his backpack! I was working in the hospital at Lubbock still and Todd was in charge of all 3 kids in the morning. He was dropping Addyson off at daycare and heard a kitten crying. Tyler had hidden Tiger in his back pack to take to school. I wish he would of actually make it into school with the kitty that day. His teachers would of loved that!! LOL

Tuesday we had a Kindergarten meeting with Addyson's teacher. She told me that on the first day of school she LOST Addyson! Addyson had asked her if she could go to the bathroom. She told Addyson, "You know where the bathroom is, you may go." She looked up and she was GONE! She went down 2 halls to the bathroom right next to DAD's office that we have used all summer when we were in the school visiting! Mrs. K told me that she couldn't believe that she lost the Principal's child on the first day of school!!!

Today was picture day for Addyson. I dressed her in her 1st day of school outfit and let her wear flip flops since I knew that they would not be going to PE today. While she was playing at recess, rocks got in her shoes. She went to one of the teachers and said, "I am going to run home real quick and change shoes, OK? " Todd said that after they quit laughing, they informed her that she can not just "run home" while at school, even if it is just ACROSS THE STREET!! She is a MESS!! She was in bed tonight at 7:00 because our mornings have not been fun! She is the most CRANKY little girl in the mornings and it sure is not a good way to start the day! Good thing she can't tell time yet or I think she would of had issues with the 7:00 bed time! (She also informed the cafeteria workers today while she was getting her lunch tray that "My daddy said that you are not supposed to put any gravy on my tray, I don't like it!! They told her, OK, we will remember that for next time!!)

Kamron and Tyler are LOVING 4th grade. They have grown up so much over the summer. I am loving the young men they are becoming. Every night the TV is turned off and we all read for at least 30 minutes to an hour. Sometimes the boys are begging to stay up past their bedtime to finish their book! (HUGE change from last year!) Kamron was even grounded for a couple of weeks at the end of last year until he finished a few books! I hope it is helping that Todd and I have really enjoyed reading this summer and they have seen me read MANY books (and not want to do much when lost in the book. LOL) Cub scout sign ups were this last Tuesday (they had over 30 NEW boys sign up!) and the boys were in charge of showing them how to make "Exploding Boomerangs" out of Popsicle sticks. They did a super job! They get to go on their first camping trip of the year next weekend. Addyson and I will have a girls weekend while they are with dad! (I am not to big on sleeping on the ground!)

I promise to post pictures next time!! Dain and Chrissy weathered out IKE. Dain said they had 95mph wind for 10 hours. I can't even imagine. I am so glad that they are safe and that their house did not suffer any substantial damage. They still remain without electricity but have been in Mansfield with my sister since last Sunday. I saw pictures of Galveston today and the destruction was unbelievable! MANY people still need our prayers!

September 12, 2008

Homecoming in Muleshoe

Today is Homecoming here in Muleshoe and in small towns it is serious business!! Here is a picture of the kiddos before school this morning. They looked so cute!

I bought the kids garters and a mum this year. This was a first. We are playing the Cooper Pirates tonight. Lubbock has seen trential rains over the last 2 days with some areas seeing 8 inches. Since we play Cooper tonight and their schools were CLOSED today because of the flooding rains we were not sure if we were going to have a game tonight. We received an email today saying that the game was still on and that Cooper was going to be getting to Muleshoe on their "pirate ship" but they were not sure how they were going to return home since we were going to "SINK" their ship!! We all had a good laugh!

Keep Dain and Chrissy in your prayers. They are in Houston and in the path of hurricane IKE. I called Dain this morning and he answered his phone " Hurricane Watch Station, may I help you!" I am glad he still has his sense of humor. They did not evacuate and are planning on riding out the storm. I know my mom is very worried about them and I am sure Chrissy's is as well. IKE is a big storm, I hope everyone stays safe.

September 1, 2008

Labor Day Weekend with a Picture Perfect Ending!

This weekend we took a QUICK trip to Mansfield to visit my sister and her family. We were in Mansfield for a total of only 29 hours. It was definately a quick trip, but it was a great trip! Todd stayed in Lubbock with my dad and they went to the Tech game, and my mom, myself and the 3 kiddos traveled. My brother and his wife from Houston met us there also. My niece, Ashtyn, plays serious soccer. She was in a tournament and she played 5 games this weekend. We got to watch 2 of them. I have a new respect for her. She played soccer in 100+ HEAT with what felt like 90% humidity! You did GREAT Ashtyn!

Ashtyn had a Birthday last week so we celebrated it while we were there. Uncle Dain and Aunt Chrissy bought Ashtyn Mario Cart with the Wii wheel. In our down time we played some serious Wii!!

If they drive like this in a few years, we are in TROUBLE!! LOL

Uncle Dain loving on the 2 little princesses!
Ashtyn and Tyler driving the cars!!
Aunt Chrissy and Uncle Dain bombarded with kids. The kids just can't get enough of them when we see them! They are very loved by all the kids! They are just so much more fun than we are!
The little ones driving the cars. Look at the circles under Addyson's eyes. She got to Mansfield 100% well and came home with HORRIBLE allergies. I hope she is not getting a cold. I think a good night sleep should help too!
Kamron and Ashtyn. She had just played in 100 degree heat and WON! She is my hero!

Today, after a very relaxing RAINY day, I looked out the window while making supper and saw this BEAUTIFUL sight. There were TWO COMPLETE rainbows. I tried to get the entire rainbow, but couldn't. It was too large. The 2nd rainbow was just above the dark one, but it was considerably lighter. They were gorgeous!