October 27, 2009

Halloween Preview

Sunday afternoon I sewed ALL day... Look what I did! Isn't she an adorable midevil princess!!!

Here is the back...It is laced up. I hand placed all 24 "eyelets"

Her daddy bought her some silver shoes today while he was in Lubbock!
EVERY evening I have one of the kids argueing over sitting with me. They were in bed last night and Todd thought this was too funny not to share! When the kids are in bed, BOTH the cat and dog are in my lap!! Tonight Addyson was sitting with me and when she got up, Shelby, the dog, jumped in my lap. Addyson pouted and got so mad at Shelby!! It was quite comical that she was mad at the dog. LOL

PIG pictures below!!!

Here Piggy, Piggy, Piggy...

This year the boys are in 4-H and they wanted to show pigs. Todd and I know nothing about raising pigs but we are giving it a shot. The kids are so EXCITED! Here they are... I do not remember all their names but will tell you the ones I remember :)
One is "Stripes"... Could be this one or our other strpied pig.

Here are the pens. We have 2 boys and 2 girls. They are seperated into 2 pens. The upper one could be "Stripes" or "Sammy". I think there is a Sammy as well. The bottom one is "Babe". Not sure when this is all over if I can eat Babe! Did you see even "Priss Pot" is in the pens!! Maybe if she gets used to them being little, and we go out daily to visit, she won't notice when they GROW!

The spotted pig is "Bulls-eye". That is the only one Tyler named and he was pretty insistant that Kamron did not name him!! LOL

Tyler is working hard cleaning the pens. The boys WANT Todd to wake them at 5:45 to go feed and water the pigs every morning before school. They love it now...I hope it stays that way!

Even I was working in the pens spreading hay!! Todd was all dressed for Scouts so he didn't get dirty. He was plenty filthy tonight though. There are heat lamps in each "hut" to keep them warm. To be honest, I really like them!

Preview of Halloween to follow!!!!!!!!

October 25, 2009

Grandma Schuette's 100th Birthday Bash

This past weekend was my great-grandmother's 100th birthday. A huge party was planned and there was over 200 people in attendance. It was alot of fun seeing cousins that I have not seen in 13+ years.
This was a picture of Addyson and Nala the other evening. It was too cute not to share!

Addyson had to take a painted pumpkin to school for Halloween, we made BOB from Veggie Tales!
PARTY PICTURES! Here is my grandmother (my mom's mom, my dad and my sister). Even though my brother was not there, he made us laugh as always!
5 generation picture: Me, Amy (my grandmother), Cindy (my mom), Addyson and Great-grandma Schuette.

We had to add the boys to the picture too!!

Here is Grandma Schuetter an ALL her kids. Mary, Dianne, Grandma, Terry, Amy (my grandma) Doretta, and Jodi

The kids played at the adjacent park ALL day. We did not see much of them at all. The boys got to go to the Tech/ A&M game with Todd and PaPa. They had a BLAST!!

Addyson, Kiersty, and Ashtyn (Tamora's kids)
Ty, Addy and Kam

The 5 cousins!!
Ashtyn, Kierstyn
Tyler, Addyson and Kamron
Addyson ADORES Ashtyn

Me, mom and Tamora

Ashtyn and Addyson got ahold of our cameras and took the funniest pictures!

Brandy, April, Tamora and Kyra.
We had more fun growing up and hanging our together. It was really sad that our kids do not know each other. We are definately going to have to change that!!

FOX Channel 34 came and interviewed Grandma! Addyson and I were on the NEWS! I can't find it on the website, but when I do I will post it!!

Aunt Debbie (BeBe), Uncle Greg and my mom.

We were EXHAUSTED after the long day at the party. We had planned to take the girls to the Corn Maize in Shallowater but were simply TOO tired! We stopped at my dad's sister, Aunt Martha and Wayne's and ended up staying about 2 hours. We sure enjoyed talking to them! To make up for not going to the corn maizee, mom took the girls to Target and bought them all boots. They are too cute! I think Addyson would of slept in her's tonight if I would of let her!

Tired Addyson and Aunt Martha.
FUN weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!

October 21, 2009

Cubscout camping trip

This past weekend we went to the Muleshoe Wildlife Refuge with the cubscouts. There were about 50 kids running WILD having a BLAST! Addyson and I went too, but I insisted that we take the camper. Tent camping is not my cup of tea. Addyson, myself and another mom (Addyson's teacher last year, Mrs. King) slept in the camper. We FROZE! With no hook-ups we were not able to run the heater. BURRRRRR.......
Todd and the boys set their tent up right next to us. The other leader had his tent on the other side. The "kitchen" was in the middle. It was a GREAT set up!
Here is Tyler helping dad set up the tent.

This is the inside of the tent. Todd's parents bought it for him last year for his birthday. Check out the "closet" in the back. It is a COOL tent!

The one and ONLY picture of me the whole weekend. One of the boy scouts was there and I have taken care of him at school for the past 4 years and he didn't even recognize me. SAD!! We were making Dutch oven peach cobbler! Yum!

While the boys waited for everyone else to come, they played Skip-Bo. We were there at 10:00 am and everyone else didn't arrive until 4pm!! My husband likes to go early!
While the boys were outside playing Skip-Bo, Addyson was inside the camper reading my new "Twilight" inspired People magazine! LOL

The early bird GANG!

This is the "kitchen" set -up. Our tent is on the right and Terral's tent is on the left. The two camp stoves were set up on either side where hot coffee and water for hot chocolate was always ready. The white tables were used to organize the smore making activities.

We made Bug Juice...aka Fruit Punch. All the kids were RED!

Everyone arrived and all the tents got set up! There were tents EVERYWHERE! One of the Boy scouts brought a chess set and taught the cub scouts how to play. They loved it! Addyson is with Amy, her teacher last year in Kindergarten. She still LOVES Mrs. King.

Cubs (in blue) Boy scouts (in red) had a great time together! Check out all the tents and the metal fire pit. We had 3!

Todd talking to the gathered boys...

Group picture....now that is alot of boys!

Going on a hike, last year on the same hike they spotted Fred, the fearless rattlesnake! Thankfully this year Fred was hiding! We did have Shovel man...just in case!

The scouts went to 3 stations; hiking, leather works, and knot tieing. I brought jewlery making supplies and me and the little girls made jewlery! They loved it!

Leather works:

Knot tieing:

We roasted hot dogs and ate smores. When it got cool, we drank hot chocolate. When it got dark we broke out the glow sticks! Addyson got tired, at 8:00, so NOT like her and climbed in her surrogate mom's lap and was OUT! LOVE this picture!!

And this one:

And here is GRUMPY the next morning!!! She refused to go to the outdoor bathrooms. They were not bad at all! We were there over 24 hours and she went ONCE!!! Can you say, Miss PRISS!!
Did I mention we FROZE???? LOL (Kamron in black)
Bright and early and playing chess again! (Ty with the black beenie hat)

After breakfast, Todd led everyone in a small church service/bible study.

We got home around 11:00. Unloaded, showered and ate subway by 1:00pm. I was asleep by 1:30 and woke up at 5:00pm! I was EXHAUSTED!! We had a blast and I know the kids did too!