November 23, 2008

A bit of this and that

I have lots of pictures to share before the Thanksgiving holiday so this post will be a little of it all.
The boys had their Thanksgiving lunch Friday but we kind of skipped out on it. I had volunteered to help serve and the boys really didn't want the school's Turkey and dressing (even though it was really good!), so I took them to Mc. Donalds and then home for the afternoon. They enjoyed hanging out and playing Wii all afternoon!

Thursday was Addyson's Thanksgiving lunch at school. The kids all dressed up like Pilgrims and Indians and they looked adorable!!

Riley, Addyson and Tobin..aren't they cute!!

Mrs. K, Addyson's teacher, Addyson, Jessie and Grace

The back of the little girls dresses. They have babies in them! How cute is that! The boys had them too.

Next we had the Mules football game where we slaughtered Littlefield! It was so much fun and we FROZE. It was 32 degrees when we left and I would of had pictures of the boys looking like eskimos, but I forgot my camera. Addyson stayed warm with Nana!

Saturday morning my mom, Addyson and I went to Holiday Happening's "Breakfast with Santa". We had a blast and Addyson LOVED IT!!

Addyson with Mrs Clause
Addyson and mommy.

Mrs Claus read all the kids a book. They loved it! See Addyson, front and center!

The kids got to write letters to Santa while they ate their Mc. Donald's breakfast. See what Addyson wants... a purlpe piano and guitar! The "elves" came around to all the kids and picked up their papers to hand deliver to Santa himself!

Addyson posing while we waited to walk up the stairs to the special room. We were 1st in line!!

Next was Riley's birthday party today. Kamron and Tyler were hired by Deborah to help the little kids by signing them up for "boot" camp, painting their faces, and demostrating the obsticle coarse. They had as much fun as the 5 and 6 year olds did. Here are party pictures!

Obsticle coarse time!! They had to crawl through boxes, walk across wood, ride a tricycle around chairs and then back again.
Look at all that CAMO!

Jessie and Addyson getting ready to race!

Mr Kyle... what a cutie!!!!!!!!!

The parachute was a huge hit! The kids LOVED it and Todd did a great job with dfferent things to do with it!

All the kids got to sit in the middle 2 at a time and we walked around and wound them up. When we ran backwards with the parachute they spinned FAST!!

Jessie and Addyson, I DID NOT tell them to pose, just smile. Look how they are standing. They really are the double mint twins! ( I think they were trying to keep their hats on)

Look at the cake Deborah made! She really needs to hire out and do party planning. She plans the BEST parties and the kids LOVE them! That was one yummy cake! Even the green icing! LOL
The recruits in the mess hall.

And the other end of the table. There is one big kid who is enjoying his cake! LOL

The "hired" help. They did a super job with the kids!

Addyson trying to hit the pinata. Kelly was moving it up and down and it really moved well on its own!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY RILEY!!! We had a blast today!!

November 16, 2008

Lots of TWIRL!!

I sewed all day yesterday! I finally got the underdress made for Addyson's Christmas dress finished and then started a new project. I sewed Addyson a twirly Pettiskirt! I got the best Chiffon from I can't believe it only took me about 6 hours. I am hoping to make one for my niece for Christmas as well.

Today at church Addyson held her ears while we were singing, she said it was too loud! Amazing how quickly she can hear!
After school a few days ago I found Tyler and Addyson in my office being so nice to each other! Kamron was taking AR tests so I didn't get a picture of him! (But if he was there that would of added oil to the water!) LOL

7 school days until Thanksgiving!! YEA!! Have a great week.

November 14, 2008

Surgery is Over!

Addyson had surgery today, and I am glad it is over. She had tubes placed in her ears this time last year and Dr. Potocki said it was like jello in her ears. She failed her hearing screening at school in October so I called Potocki again. She failed worse this time than she did last year, so we scheduled surgery again. There are so many times that I feel people think Addyson is ignoring them when they talk to her, but the truth is that she can't hear them. Driving to Lubbock this morning bright and early, our Pastor called and talked to Addyson on my cell phone. She could not hear him and did not talk to him. On the way home, she talked to my MIL and she carried on a conversation for 30 minutes! It was so nice to know that she can finally hear!
Addyson did not wake up from the anesthesia well and cried for 45 minutes. We went to Krispy Kreme and got donuts and she was still crying. On the way to my mom's we passed Toys R Us and she wanted to go look. She finally quit crying as we entered the store and was PERFECT the rest of the day. We even went to Chucky Cheese for supper. She told me we were having a "Girl Day" I am glad today is over!

November 2, 2008

Halloween (So glad it is over!)

Another Halloween has come and gone! We opted out of Trick or Treating this year. A little bribery goes a long way! LOL We did dress up the kids and went "Trunk or Treating" at our church Wednesday. The kids had a blast and received enough candy to last a year! So Halloween day came and I suggested we travel to the Corn Maize in Shallowater and bypass the normal festivities. We had so much fun. We went through the Maize and made it to the half way point before Addyson had to go to the bathroom. She was not fond of my idea of "squatting" in the corn, so we stopped at the 1/2 way point. The boys got to shoot the "corn cannon" and LOVED it! I am sure Todd is already trying to figure out a way to build one! LOL. Then we went to the rock wall! WOW is all I can say. I was totally amazed at the kids. Even Addyson climbed to the TOP.

Then Saturday we got to watch Tech in their history making game!

Here are some pictures of the week:

Mr McCain, Kitty Kat Addyson and Mr Obama on Wednesday at our church.
McCain getting ready to knock out Obama
Corn Maize!!!
We made sure to go during daylight so no one jumped out and scared the kids since it was Halloween!
Lots of silliness in the Maize!
Even with dad!! LOL
Kamron shooting the corn cannon!
Tyler shooting the corn cannon!

The big kid shooting the corn cannon!! He hit the target and won a free coke!
Check out our monkeys! Kamron, Tyler and Addyson racing for the top!
Kamron at the top. They had to kiss the witch to get candy afterward. Tyler just pretended to kiss it. LOL
Addyson working hard to get to the top!
Tyler on his way up.
The double mint twins. LOL Aren't they cute. Addyson's BFF.
Have a great week!