September 9, 2009

I know, I know...

It is really bad that your brother has to email you and say "Hello...why haven't you updated your blog!!" Well, he didn't exactly say it that way, but pretty close! LOL School has started and life is officially crazy again. I am just utterly exhausted and trying to get our routine down again. That is no excuse, I know.

First Day of school photo: Crazy how much taller Tyler is than Kamron Addyson walking into school.
I didn't get a picture of the boys at school, they are not to fond of that anymore!
Last Monday I watched one of my friends 3 children for a few hours. Tyler LOVED Miss Casey. Look how he held her! Kamron played with three yr old Kenny and Addyson and Jessie were inseperable.

Last weekend the boys and girls in the family went seperate ways! Todd and the boys stayed in Lubbock with my dad and went golfing and to the Tech game. They had a BLAST! On Sunday they went to the Lubbock KOA and camped with Todd's mom and dad in their new RV. Todd slept in our new tent (that I will NEVER be in!). The boys were able to swim in the indoor heated pool. Todd had a camera, but forgot to take pictures.
Mom, Addyson, my grandmother and myself loaded up and traveled to Mansfield to visit Tamora's family. What a super girls weekend we had! We took the girls to Dallas to the American Girl store and Bistro. (Sorry mom, your eyes are closed in my picture!!) Memaw loves to spoil the grandkids!!

Addyson and Kierstyn putting on their plays! We are going to have some serious black mail one day!
All dressed up, where should we go now??
All the girls~ Tamora, Mom, Kierstyn, Granny, Me, Addyson and Ashtyn
4 generation picture!
The girls again, doing a play. To hear Kierstyn talking like a lady at a nail salon was hillarious!!
Muleshoe is 2-0. 2 down, 13 to go! I hope we have a year like last year. That was too much fun! Friday we play cooper at Cooper. We will be there cheering them on! Have a good week!
(Are you happy now Dain?? LOL)