April 29, 2009

I know, I know, it has been too long...

It has been crazy around here and I have been falling way behind on blogging. I have lots of pictures to share and will have small captions with each picture. (It is really bad when you get scolded by your mom for not blogging!! LOL)

Addyson and I had a chance to go see "Annie" the broadway play with our best friends here in Muleshoe. It was a GREAT day!! We had such a good time.

The 3 amigo's being really silly with their booster chairs waiting on going into the show.

Addyson, Tobin and Riley

Before Addyson and I saw Annie, we both got pedicures. We went to a place in Lubbock that had small Spa chairs. She LOVED it!! It was so fun! She has asked many more times about going again. I have created a monster!

She watched Alice in Wonderland during her pedicure.

While Addyson and I had fun at Annie and getting pedicures, Todd and the boys froze their hiney's off camping in freezing weather at Post. It is nice we each have our own version of fun. LOL Here is a picture of the group before heading home that Sunday morning. (It was REALLLLLY COLD)

Todd took our boys and 4 more with him.

It was a camp for Boy scouts and they are only 2nd year Webelos. They had a great time and saw what they get to do next year as Boy Scouts.

They even pitched their own tent, cooked their own food and washed their own dishes!

Here they are when they first arrived at Post. They were still full of energy.

Over Easter we traveled to Mansfield and visited Tamora and Nathan and the girls and Dain and Chrissy met us there too. Mom and dad came down ealry Friday morning. It was so nice to all be together! Todd made all the kids, including Dain, a marshmellow shooter that shot nerf bullets. We were all targets. I have a nice picture that I am not going to share of my chest/neck with a big welp from my loving husband shooting me! Here is Chrissy and the little girls. It is such a shame that the kids don't like Dain and Chrissy! LOL

Hunting eggs. Some had money in them!

Dain and Todd helped the kids color eggs while us girls went shopping one afternoon! You two guys are the BEST!!!

How sad is this picture! We all brought our lap tops and Check out the barbie laptop the little girls were playing on. Webkins is so much more fun when you have a friend online! LOL

Easter morning with Memaw. Look how nice they look!
Easter morning with Papaw. The kids were so tired of pictures by this point.
I have finally started sewing again. I made this about a month ago for Addyson...

I made this on Saturday, (The picture was taken with my phone, sorry it is blurry)

And this, Addyson's little best friend has a matching one and cousin Kierstyn is getting one for her birthday as well. I have also made Addyson's birthday outfit, but I don't have a picture yet. Sorry mom!

SWINE Flu..............Field trips are cancelled, no travel outside of the district, kids are disappointed, WASH, WASH, WASH your hands!!!

April 15, 2009

Prayers Please

I know I have not updated in a while, and I have lots of pictures and fun things to share, but right now my heart is breaking. Yesterday a precious 5 year old lost his life. I can't imagine the pain his family is going through right now. He was my mom and dad's next door neighbor. Addyson and Braeden were 3 weeks apart in age and have grown up playing in the front yard together. 4 years ago he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. He has gone through numerous surgeries and chemotherapy and was doing wonderful. Yesterday during his therapy riding horses for Hippo therapy he fell from his horse and hit his head. A fall that would not of normally been fatal, killed this precious child. He was their life. He was their only child and since he had been sick, he was their whole life. PLEASE be in prayer for this family. My mom and I will attend the funeral on Saturday. Pray for us too.