August 16, 2009

Mini Mule Cheer Camp

Mini Mule Cheer Camp was this past Friday and Saturday. Addyson had a blast! I put a few video's of her on youtube. I hope I can get them here too. She learned a dance and a cheer!!
Addyson is in the denim skirt. Her cheerleading skirt was dirty. (It was quite the issue that morning!) LOL
Here is the dance:

Here is the cheer:

August 8, 2009

Photopass Photos

I received our photopass photo's today that we purchased on CD and here are a few. There were over 300, don't worry, I didn't post them all. They took our picture at each park:

This is my favorite picture! You will probably be seeing it on a Christmas card!

They put Tinkerbell in Addyson's hand!

Typhoon Lagoon. We had a BLAST in the wavepool!!

Picture #1 of the decent of the BIG wave!

Picture #2...Waiting for the wave...... the boys are READY!

Picture #3... it got us! And knocked us down!

The "Family raft" ride that they would only let 4 ride in. They got pictures of the boys but not Todd, Addyson and I. Addyson and I even rode it again for a picture and they missed us again!

Typhoon Lagoon before we got in the water

Kamron dodging the camera from the princesses..

FIRST look in the mirror seeing herself after they dressed her up!

Tink again..........LOVE IT!

Family picture in front of our FAVORITE! Rock n Roller Coaster!

Hollywood Studios

LOVE this picture of the boys!!!

And this one!!!!!!!! She looks way too grown up!

Riding Test Track at Epcot!! FUN!