June 30, 2008

New look!!

Thank's Kristi for our blogs great new look! We LOVE it!
Thank's again!

June 29, 2008

American Girl Store and Bistro

We have been SUPER busy! We are finally home after being away for 3 weeks! After we returned from my sister's in Arlington, the kids had swim lessons in Lubbock for 2 weeks. With the price of gas, we stayed with grandparents the entire time. With all the shopping I did being in Lubbock everyday, it probably would of been cheaper to drive home to Muleshoe!

I want to share a few pictures! I mentioned in my last post that we were going to visit the American Girl Bistro in the Galleria...WOW! It was every little girls dream!

Addyson found the Bitty Twins!!
Addyson holding Jenny, dressed like her.
Jennifer and Jason, the newly adopted twins...or should I say triplets (Jenny, Jason and Jennifer)! My niece informed me that now I would have to sew 3 matching outfits. She is sooo right!

I forgot to mention that my sister and I met Suz from Stecce's Pieces that has the quads! We were walking in Target in Mansfield and recognized her in our aisle. Todd could not believe we introduced ourselves to her. We told her we were "Blog stalkers" and checked on them all the time. We probably talked with her for 10 minutes in the middle of Target! She is soo sweet!

I have pictures from our Ruidoso trip and swimming lessons I will share tomorrow!

June 12, 2008

Pictures of the last 10 years!

Every year since Ashtyn was 18 months old and Kam and Ty were 3 months old, we have taken pictures of the kids together. This year we decided to get a picture at home. I want to share all the others, through the years. It is neat to see the progression. I took pictures of "the pictures" hanging on my siters wall so there is a glare from the glass, sorry!

Here they are!
Tyler and Kamron--3 months Ashtyn 18 months
Tyler and Kamron--about 18 months Ashtyn age 3
(We are missing one inbetween, Ty, Kam and Ashtyn are all in Tech attire!)
Ashtyn 4, Kamron and Tyler 3 and Kierstyn 1 month old
This was the WORST picture! Ashtyn 5, Kierstyn 1, Kamron and Tyler 4 and Addyson 2 months
(We are missing one inbetween these.) This was at uncle Dain's wedding! Tyler and Kamron 6, Ashtyn 7, Kierstyn 3 and Addyson 2 Tyler and Kamron 7, Addyson 3, Ashtyn 8 and Kierstyn 4
LOVE last years!!!!!! Tyler and Kamron 8, Addyson 4, Ashtyn 9, and Kierstyn 5
And this is today's! Kamron and Tyler 9, Ashtyn 10, Addyson 5, and Kierstyn 6!

Fun at Aunt Maree's

We have been at my sister's for the past few days and the kids have had a blast. On Tuesday we went to Hawaiian Falls, their new waterpark down the road and all had a good time. Visit Tamora's blog to see our Hawaiian Falls Pictures on slide show. I haven't quite figured it out yet!

Then on Wednesday we all had some much needed rest! Tamora had a workshop for school so I stayed home with the kids. Kierstyn, Tamora's youngest was running up the stairs and fell and hit the bannister. I think she was millimeter's away from getting an ER visit and stitches. I put steri strips on her and she was playing again within the hour!

Today we went to Studio Movie Grill and saw "Kung Fu Panda." It was really cute!
Tomorrow, Friday, we are going to the American Girl store...shh...don't tell Kierstyn. She is going to be at a birthday party while we are there!!!

Were leaving on a jet plane..........

So we had ALL the kids singing this song on Monday before the kids and I flew to Dallas. (We taught them the Armageddon version! I would probably rethink that now!) Todd was going to be in Austin for the week so the kids and I decided to fly to Arlington for the week and visit my sister, Tamora . The kids had never been on a plane and I wanted them to fly while young enough to still see the "magic" of flying. Who would of thought that we would be stuck in the air for an extra 30 minutes avoiding thunderstorms and when they finally allowed us to land (after telling us 'don't worry, if we get low on fuel we will divert to AUSTIN and refuel!!') we flew through horrible storms with out of your seat turbulance!! The poor kids... the boys were sitting together and Addyson and I were across the aisle. I grabbed Addyson's hand while she was saying "Mom, you don't have to hold my hand so tight" and I yelled... YES I DO! The stewardess even announced that if you have small children next to you to hold on tight to them. IT STUNK! As we were landing we looked out the window and saw a beautiful rainbow. I told the kids that it was God telling us that everything was going to be OK!!

Here are a few pictures of us at the airport and in the plane before my near heart attack.

June 7, 2008

Relay for Life!!

Last night was Bailey County's Relay for Life. We had a BLAST! The kids ran and played and half the time I had no idea where they were! We arrived at 5:00pm to set up our tents and awnings and we didn't get home until 1:45am. The kids were running on adrenaline! I have a TON of pictures and would love to share. The Luminary Ceremony was beautiful! They turned out all the lights in the stands and the only light was from the hundred's of luminaries lighting the track. We made luminaries in memory of Todd's sister, grandmother and grandfather and in honor of Todd's dad. It was an amazing experience and we can't wait to participate again next year!

Here is Jayci walking in the Survivor's Lap!!
Addyson and Bethany watching their brother's play!
Bethany and Addyson walking the track. Check out the bare feet! They were barefooted ALL night! Thank goodness for a awesome track with no stickers! I still do not know how their feet handled the hot track though!
Bethany, Jaden and Addyson playing on the "Sumo Wrestling" mat. Jaden's mom was there taking pictures for our on site fundraiser. She is amazing!
Addyson posing for Faith . I snapped a picture while she was sitting there. I made her "Girlie Pirate" outfit she likes to call it. The team shirts were pink and black and matched her pants beautifully. If you look close you can see the Skulls and Crossbones in the black fabric!

Tyler and Kamron playing soccer/kickball with some friends! It was really hard to get any pictures of them, they were always running!!

I was asking the boys to stand still so I could get a picture and they really did not want to, so Garrison jumped in and encouraged them to let mom take a picture! Thanks Garrison!
Tyler taking a break!
Jayci wrestling with Kamron. She had a blast with him. He was so good and gentle with her. When all the kids were out in the middle dancing, she grabbed Kamron's hand and led him out there to dance with her!
Ethan, Tyler and Tony

The kids on our team dancing to the "Cha Cha Slide!"
Addyson and Kenna!
Our group was so big, to get a picture of everyone waiting to walk the first lap, I had to take 3 pictures!! Here is the first group of team members.
Here is the middle group
And here is the last section. Our shirts were pink/black, lime green/pink and white/black. They said,"Faith, Hope and 'Jayci' Joy" on the front with a scripture and on the back it said "The most astonishing thing about miracles is that they happen"
"Miss Relay".... Kamron makes a really pretty girl, doesn't he!!!
Amy, do you recognize the dress????
3 of the contestants in the contest. Ethan, Jackson, and "Kamalina"
Todd with his son and daughter!
And here was Addyson during the "Miss Relay" She actually made it until about 12:45am before falling asleep. I was a little shocked!
Here are pictures of the Luminaries we made. I wrote the names and let the kids decorate them...

We did not make this one for Jayci, but I wanted to share it! Next year we will definately include pictures on ours. The saying under her picture is what is on the back of our shirts!
Addyson and dad walking the track. She was cold and tired. I bet if she would of had socks and shoes on she would not of been so cold!
Kenna, Addyson and Ashton..... they found a frog! Ashton loved the frog. I am not sure the frog is still living today though!
ONE picture of mom! We were doing our part walking around the track. It was about 11:00pm. Kamron was FINALLY eating supper at this time and Tyler was playing with John, his new friend he met. (See how hard it was to get pictures of the boys!!)
Last picture!!! Here is the video of Kamron strutting his stuff encouraging people to donate money! It was a super night and we all had a BLAST!!