January 31, 2009

Pinewood Derby time!

Today was the annual Pinewood Derby. Todd is the Cubmaster and "the MAN" in charge. It went off perfectly! It was moved into his new cafeteria this year and it was so nice. We were able to have food and drinks, YEA! It had always been in a gym and there were no food or drinks allowed. Also he has a HUGE screen that they figured out how to show the races on the "Jumbotron!" It was fun. I am exhaused, and I know Todd is too. He is not even home yet. Here are some pictures of the kids and their cars.

This is Jessie, Grace and Addyson sitting so close to their Kindergarten teacher Mrs. King. They LOVE her!

Kamron's car, he got THIRD! We were proud of that. I think there was about 12 that raced in the Webelo's.

Tyler's car. Tyler did really well too. He didn't place but he had fun!

Addyson got to race in the "open" race where anyone can race. She didn't place either, but all the little kids that raced in the open got a trophy too. She is very PROUD!
In this picture you can see the length of the track and how the "Jumbotron" worked. It was really neat. Everyone could see everything!
In this race Addyson got 2nd.

Kamron got 1st in this race!

Tyler got first in this race. Look how close it was! Each race is done twice and the kids switch tracks. This race they each won once so there was a tiebreaker. Tyler lost the tiebreaker.

Kamron and Tyler with their trophy's.

January 28, 2009

Random pictures

We have been busy this week and I got some pictures of our outings...

I went into Addyson's room one night to check on her. This is what I found!! She got this for Christmas a few years ago, and she still LOVES it! Thanks aunt Crissy! I found PINK makeup on Addyson's floor this afternoon. While I was mad and scolding her she informed me that she didn't get it on her carpet, NALA did (the cat). She said that Nala loves her makeup and was playing with it while we were at school! (She has quite the imagination)

Last Friday night we took the kids bowling with the Kettner's. We had so much fun! Here is Kamron:
And the bowler Tyler (he won with all the kids and beat me and Deborah too!)
And Addyson! She bowls at about 3 mph. It takes at least 1-1 1/2 minutes for the ball to get all the way down the lane!!

Addyson did run over the foul line ONCE and found out quickly why we said not to cross it! LOL
After bowling we went to eat at ShoGun. It was fun and quite entertaining!! Kyle found a lemon and after her learned that the kids were laughing at his "yucky" face he began sucking on it and laughing too! Is that not the sweetest face you have ever see???

We put all the kids on one end of the table. Addyson got excited and told me, "Riley wants me to sit by him" It was a fun night and I think we all decided we needed to do it more often.

Sunday afternoon Kamron and Tyler got to go to Kelly and Deborah's farm with Jacob and shoot guns. They were in heaven! They got to shoot Todd's 22, a 410, a shotgun and a deer rifle 223. They decided that they liked the 223 and the 22 the best. They didn't like how the shotgun or the 410 kicked! Tyler even had a bruise on his shoulder! Here is Kamron:
And Tyler: Thanks Kelly!! They had a BLAST!!!
Pinewood derby is Saturday! I will have pictures! Can't wait to show you Addyson's car this year. It was my special project. The boys did a supurb job on theirs and I hope we win some trophys! Enjoy the rest of your week!

January 19, 2009

Not me... MONDAY!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

Trying something new, blogging about me!

I did NOT get mad at my middle child today and send him to bed at 7:00 for getting in
trouble at Cub Scouts without hearing his side of the story.
I did NOT complain (about 50 times today) that I hate when my husband is gone on business trips and I am a "single mom".
I did NOT secretely want to come home during school today to check on baby
Harper and her mommy. (Can't look at blogs at school)

January 16, 2009

I'm BACK!!

I can't believe it has been 2 weeks since I have posted. I am suprised I haven't been scolded! School is back in session and it has been a busy 2 weeks. We were out of school today for the Bailey County Stock Show so I have a minute to catch up. I have lots of pictures from the last 2 weeks so they are going to be a little of everything!

This was at the stock show today. The kids had more fun in the big pile of dirt. We just had to keep them from throwing it! I think we are going to raise pigs next year! Th boys really want to so we are going to give it a shot. We know NOTHING about it but are willing to learn. There are lots of great people here in Muleshoe that want to teach us, so (to be continued...)
Addyson FINALLY got in the pen to touch the pig. She is WAY too prissy to get dirty and touch a pig! LOL

Addyson and Riley. She is planning her birthday party (even though she has 5 more months!) and informed me today that she wants a slumber party. I asked her who she wanted to invite and she named off 3-4 girls and then told me that Riley HAD to be there too! So, we had a short talk about girls spend the night with girls and boys spend the night with boys! LOL

Last weekend Addyson FINALLY stayed all night in her own bed. Big accomplishment so she got to have a friend spend the night. These 2 little girls had a blast. We made cupcakes about 9pm and they didn't go the bed until midnight. It was fun! The boys were both spending the night with a friend so it worked out perfect!

This was Addyson at 2:00 the next afternoon~ She was exhausted! LOL Check out the crown on her head!!

After sewing so much for Addyson, I am trying to make a quilt! I have 12 blocks finished but still need a few more. I am trying!

2 weeks ago before school started back we spent the weekend at Dan and Kay's. They have an awesome park down the street from their house that the kids LOVE. It is really neat!

This is the BEST!!! There is a video of it at the bottom! It was too neat!



Have a good week!