April 24, 2010

Playing catch-up......

I am uploading this for my brother since I don't think anyone else looks at this blog! :) I NEVER have any comments so I decided to give up on blogging, and got in trouble by Dain. So Dain, this is for you! Get on Facebook and you will see the same pictures!! LOVE YA!

A few weeks ago Deborah and I took the kids to Lubbock for a fun day! We went to "Blue Sky" for some sand box fun and wonderful greasy hamburgers. After eating lunch we took the kids to "Dave's Need for Speed" Here is Addyson and Riley, we really are arranging their wedding (they have to survive 1st grade first!) We are having doubts since they are both so strong willed. They may butt heads too bad to be married!

While Addyson and Riley were playing "Lights out Golf" the big boys were waiting in line for Laser Tag. They got the bright idea to take on all these other boys from this birthday party. Any guesses on who won that game??? LOL

Addyson and Riley played on these really cool bumper cars. They didn't jerk you around and they loved them!!

Kamron, Tyler and Jacob next went to the Go Carts!! Smile for the camera guys!!

Turn that hat around Kamron!!

Can you find Ty, Kam and Jacob??

Smile Jacob! Tyler...mom has the camera, THIS WAY!!

After our fun filled 2 hours, we stopped at the inside go cart. We couldn't get Mr Kyle to turn around for the camera, so DAVE himself stepped in to help out!!

The boys turned 11 a few weeks ago. The day of their birthday they went camping with Todd and the other scouts in 60mph winds and blowing dirt! (Sounds like a GREAT birthday doesn't it) The wind even bent out tent poles!! So... a few weeks late we had a few boys over. The kids have "Air Soft" gun wars at the playground. The main rule was everyone had to have protective eye wear! They all got along so good. It is so nice they are at an age to just let them be boys and play. They weren't too happy to pose for this picture, but they may see it in a few years when they are seniors in high school!!
Oh Kyle, I just love him!! Addyson wants him as a baby brother! He is the youngest of three BOYS. He lives, eats and breathes TRACTORS so when he stepped into Addyson's room he was in for a huge surprise. It took him no time to take off his John Deer TRACTOR boots and put on the fancy princess slippers and PINK sunglasses. HE pushed around a stroller with THREE babies all night too! He had a BLAST!!!

We have finally decided to do something with our yard... I know, we have lived in this house for 5 years. Today was the day. Here is the "before" picture of the front of the house.

We have had this "Topsy Turvy" for 3-4 years but I finally decided to do something with it. I have cherry tomatoes in it! Pray it grows!
The kids helped me plant some flowers in these little starters. I hope they grow too!

This is the area that we put our garden in!! I am so excited to have a garden this year. Todd borrowed a tiller and went to work. I am so glad it is just borrowed, he would be dangerous with one of his own!!

Todd at work......

Tyler mowing.....

Addyson sitting.....

Kamron smiling......
So we got the garden area tilled and Todd decided to till up the part of the yard that the grass doesn't grow. You can see the barren areas he is tilling. We got it tilled, fertilized, planted and watered. The boys said it would be a good area to plant sweet corn.......ummmm, I don't think so. I "think" I know someone who may share a few ears of sweet corn with us!
Here is the finished product! I hope in a few weeks I can share pictures of our new little grass growing!!!

The boys had a job of throwing away the tarp that went over the camper, they thought it was the hardest job EVER! Kamron fell in the dumpster while sitting on top! It was so funny!! LOVE ya KAM!!!!!
Addyson posing by her new hide out. She even conned me into giving her some fabric for a blanket to sit on. I think I had a small piece of fabric I could spare for her to use!

This is what the boys did most of the time we were working. Tyler in the fort, hiding from Kamron

Kamron and Addyson in their new fort.
Thankfully there were not too many pictures of me today. AND some of the ones my hubby took while I was bent over planting, will NEVER be anywhere for others to see. I was planting the seeds I bought. We have watermelons, cantaloupe, carrots, green beans, cucumbers, burp less cucumbers, strawberries, zucchini, crooked necked squash, strawberries, jalapenos, sweet cherry peppers, tomatoes, (I think that is all..) YES, all of that is in that small area.

Here are the plants planted, the peppers, squashes, tomatoes and strawberries

See the pepper already on the PLANT!!!!

Here is our newly planted grass area! The kids (and Dog) have been banned from getting anywhere close!
Here are the shrubs in the front yard. We still need our paver stones and our pretty flowers to go in front of the shrubs.This side is FINISHED! Kind of...

The other side of the door will be done tomorrow!


Memaw said...

loved looking at the pics. Glad Dain asked you to update....

Mom said...

I am glad to see your update also. Love the garden pics.

Memaw said...

ok we need another update on your blog with pics....how is your garden growing????