August 10, 2010

Our Summer at a Glance..

I really have no excuse, so I will not even try. I have become used to posting on Facebook very frequently, so I have gotten out of the habit of posting here.

This summer we have been very busy. Todd and I were able to take 2 trips by ourselves this summer. Once to Austin and one to Las Vegas to Celebrate our 15th Anniversary (that is in 2 days).

We also traveled with the kids to San Antonio where we just camped and had a really great time. We went to Splash town and to Magic Time Machine. We also took a camping trip to Abliene with Todd's mom and dad, my sis and her kids, and Todd's brother and little boy. It was quite an experience where we thought they were shooting an episode of cops in the hotel parking lot next to us! LOL We sat around an read all afternoon while the kids swam and just had fun.

This summer Todd, Kamron and Tyler we able to go on their first camping trip with the Boy Scouts to Tres Ritas in the mountains of New Mexio for a WEEK in a TENT where it rained almost every day! They got to go White Water Rafting one day and had a BLAST!! Addyson and I had a SUPER time that week by ourselves too!

One of the best parts of the summer is our new kitty! We got a new kitty the week the boys went to Tres Ritas and she is probably the most spoiled member of our family. We LOVE her and she has been the best thing at getting Addyson to sleep in her bed!

My garden has done wonderful and we have had quite a few squash, zucchini, green beans, jalapenos, other peppers, TOMATOES, and we are waiting on the cantelope to rippen as well as the carrots. I love my garden and I am looking for ways to improve it next year!

Kamron and Tyler are playing football this year and they look so small in the football pads. They are LOVING it! I am anxious to get a picture of them in their pads to share, but I don't want to seem like an overbearing mother!

Today, 8-10-10, we were all able to witness the pig we loved and showed last year, Babe, give birth to 12 adorable pigs! The kids LOVED it. Kamron loved to help tie and cut the cord, Ty stayed in the background! I think we will be going to the Ferring House daily to check on these adorable little pigglets. They are so cute!!

Here is Todd an I in Vegas at the VERY fun Piano Bar!

4th of July and the Boy Scouts carried the flags in the parade
Kamron, Tyler and I went with the following group of our youth group to "Rock the Dessert" this past weekend in Midland. We were able to see some really great Christian Rock bands! IT was FABULOUS!! I will definately be signing up to be a sponsor again next year. Addyson got to go to Ruidoso with my mom and dad while we were gone while Todd went to his 20 yr reunion.

More Rock the Desert Pictures. We tried to stay under the canopy during the 100 + heat of the day and would walk around during the night time.

Here is our kitty Prissy... she reminds me of the picture of ET where he hides in the stuffed animals!

This is how Prissy sleeps many nights! I could not do it BUT it has kept Addyson in her own bed!! YEA!

The Pigs!! Look how cute they are!!

Addyson LOVES them!!

KAmron even helped tie off the umbilical cord! They were slipperly little guys!

I didn't get one picture of Tyler with the pigs! I will though!

School started for Todd on the 3rd, I go back Monday the 16th and the kids starton the 23rd! The boys will be in Jr High and Addyson will be in 2nd grade! Where are my babies??

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